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Cherish OS with Android 12 For OnePlus 6 (Enchilada)

Cherish OS Update for OnePlus 6

  • Device: OnePlus 6 (enchilada)
  • Maintainer: @zahidmgsk
  • Version: 3.9.5 – OFFICIAL
  • Android: 12L
  • Build date: 04/08/2022

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v3.9.5 03/08/2022

  • Added secondary color for lock screen clock
  • Added Wi-Fi standard icon
  • Added force background freezer
  • Added more fonts
  • Added support for strict standby policy
  • Added media artwork notification style & customizations
  • Added support for showing battery level for AirPods series
  • Added EROFS support for building
  • Brought a new UI style for the QS panel
  • Redesigned lock screen bottom shortcuts
  • Fixed OTA
  • Fixed manual network selection with the old modem
  • Fixed QS expand lag when VoLTE/VoWiFi icons are enabled
  • Fixed thumbnail and normal playback both in 8K
  • Fixed the dead loop when the network is disconnected while playing RTSP streaming
  • GameSpace: Redesign panel view
  • Reverted to AOSP vibration intensity
  • ThemedIcons: Bring some more icons
  • Updated translation from the crowdin
  • Improved other systems

Device Changelog

  • Rebase DT over lineage19.1 changes
  • Bring Back live display
  • proprietary files update missing camera blobs
  • cleanup under OnePlus Settings
  • Added prebuilt: Update GrapheneOS Camera
  • Fixed oneplus TouchGestures
  • overlay: Add audio-related features
  • props: Use HintManager for HWUI
  • Disable debug.sf.latch_unsignaled from prop,flicker, UI performance
  • BoardConfig: Update TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT
  • props: Force triple frame buffers
  • props: Enable AAC frame control for BT HAL
  • wifi: Relax RSSI thresholds
  • perf: Enable the prerendering feature
  • Add more props for blur
  • Setup display color calibration for A12L and source built vendor
  • Fix hyper orange night light
  • Allow more background apps
  • Drop Some Prebuilt Apps
  • Define device has dash charging support
  • PocketMode: underhood changes Done
  • Fixup:sepolicy fastchg_status fixup
  • Fixup:Sepolicy: allow untrusted_app zygote
  • Add props for OnePlus Camera support
  • Fixup:sepolicy:Let one plus camera have its own domain
  • Fixup:sepolicy:Define [email protected]
  • Fixup:sepolicy:Fix spam QCOM PowerHAL:Failed to acquire lock
  • Added initial Support for OnePlus Camera support
  • Added missing camera blobs from OnePlus6TOxygen_34.J.62
  • Improved Vibrator pattern
  • Enable freeform windows
  • Define OnePlus sensor for pocket detection
  • Enable burn-in protection for the status bar
  • Enable haptic duration hack for specific IMEs
  • Disable debug.sf.latch_unsignaled from prop, reduces notification flicker, UI performance
  • init: Change Acess permission to hide Magisk in banking apps
  • Updated Primus Kernel to 4.9.258
  • Update Default Clang to clang 14.0.2 r445002
  • Silence clang warnings during a kernel compile
  • fajita : fingerprint: Misc changes
  • Safetynet passes by default
  • Minor improvements


  • Clean Flash is recommended.




  • All Developers and Testers.

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