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Auto Universal Search Bar Enabler For Android 13 Devices

Auto Universal Search Bar Enabler | Android 13
By TeamFiles


  • Magisk
  • Android 13 AOSP Based Rom Which Has Pixel Launcher By Default


  • Throughout the beta test of Android 13, Google was working on unifying Google Search on the home screen and on the device search in the app box. But in the final release ,we got the same search as on Android 12.1. You can enable these changes via simple adb or termux (root) commands. However, these new changes revert back to the original state after a reboot & you have to enable it again via ADB or termux (root).
  • So, We made a module that enables Unified/Universal Search Bar automatically after every reboot.


  • @iamlooper
  • @google_nws


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