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Superior OS Xcalibur with Android 11 For Moto X4 (Payton)

Superior OS Xcalibur available for Moto X4
Developers: @cool585
Codename: Payton
Build Date: 13/07/2021

Source Changelog:

  • Merged July security patch
  • Added optional Flashlight blink on incoming calls
  • Added optional SuperiorOS logo on the status bar
  • Added 5 more lock screen clocks (Dot, spidey, sneaky, spectrum and Android S DP3)
  • Added plenty of new accent presets
  • Added QS footer text
  • Brought back flipendo
  • Brought back our old brightness slider implementation
  • Decreased vertical padding between QS Tiles
  • Enabled zygote preforking by default
  • Implemented our new settings header UI
  • Implemented per-app volume control
  • Imported 3 more VoLTE icons
  • Imported pixel offline charging animation
  • Imported PixelThemesStub for styles picker
  • Improved AOD
  • Improved low-quality screen record
  • Improved screen recorder dialogue layout
  • Improved volume panel expansion animation
  • Moved screen recorder dialog to bottom
  • Switched to Hastebin to upload crash logs
  • Updated default wallpaper
  • Updated prebuilt ViaBrowser app
  • Translation merged from our crowdin
  • Some more stuff here & there that you are too noob to understand.

Device Changelog:

  • Initial Build.


  • Clean Flash Recommended.



  • For All Developers and Testers.


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