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Download Pixel Plus UI 5.2 with Android 13

  • Android is one of the most futuristic OS.
  • We all know that it is Google that provides the Android Platform and its maintenance.
  • Based on which OEMs build their own custom Firmware/Skin/ROM such as Xiaomi’s MIUI, Samsung’s OneUI, OnePlus’ OxygenOS, etc.
  • Due to the fact that Android is an open-source platform, developers can build their own ROM/Firmware/Skin and that is what we commonly refer to as Custom ROM.
  • Unlike OEMs, Custom ROM developers provide frequent updates, a bloatware-free, and ad-free experience with great flexibility when it comes to the usability of the OS.


  • Routine Updates: PixelPlusUI keeps you updated with routine updates for security patches, builds and other features.
  • Revamped UI: Unlike other ROMs, we provide something new to our users with this new UI inspired by different android based skins present in the market.
  • Great Support: User-friendly developers are always ready to help you out with your issues every time you jump into a support group.
  • Customizable: We provide useful customization based on your requests, but this doesn’t mean we can provide all the customization available on the planet.
  • Fast & Smooth: PixelPlusUI is well-optimized for better smoothness, better notch handling and fast performance for every device.
  • Device Maintainance: With the increasing number of developers our official list of devices is also increasing. Keep checking the list to find yours.

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL v5.2:

  • Merged latest January Security patch
  • CTS Passes by default and banking apps are working fine
  • Add Monet Theming Support
  • Add Tap to view on AOD
  • Add Quick Unlock On PIN/PASSWORD
  • Add Refresh rate tile
  • Fix black screen after DOZE
  • Boost gesture flings
  • Add Netflix spoofing to unlock HDR
  • Add Option to disable ripple effect on unlock
  • Name Cellular Tile based on carrier
  • Add hotspot toggle in QS internet dialog
  • Introduce DataSwitchTile
  • Add caffeine QS tile
  • Add Toggle to disable QS on Lock Screen
  • Add deep sleep preference controller
  • Add Toggle Haptic Feedback to tiles
  • Use Click Effect for QS tiles vibration
  • Add toggle to vibrate on Brightness slider value change
  • Add Toggle to unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
  • Use default letter spacing for QS tiles
  • Fix glitchy charging info on AOD
  • Show the alarm icon on QS as well
  • Speed up the style pruning
  • Fix old-style mobile indicator layout
  • Align QS header with the status bar
  • Misc changes

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL v5.1:

  • Merged latest November Security patch
  • CTS Passes by default and banking apps are working fine
  • Added Face Unlock to source
  • Bring Back Fluid UI style QS Panel (Thanks To Fluid UI)
  • Redesign QS Panel to PixePlusUI Style
  • Grant missing TelephonyProvider permission
  • Make per-app work with multi audio focus
  • Improve charging animation’s color palette
  • Add charging icon to the charging animation
  • Implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
  • Fix crash when trying to dismiss dialog
  • Fix surface hang up when screen on and screen off
  • Added Back Per-App Volume Toggle
  • Prevent crash with prebuilt camera metadata
  • Added 9 more battery styles
  • Disable all-caps for smart reply button text
  • Enable LTE+ icon
  • Added UDFPS Color customization
  • Add powershare QS tile
  • Add Button backlight brightness Customizations
  • Add Camera button support
  • Add support for runtime toggle of navbar
  • Add keys swap feature support
  • Save discrete app op history for more permissions
  • Add Toggle for hiding navbar
  • Allow changing the length of gesture navbar
  • Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
  • Add navbar layout inversion tuning
  • Allow enabling compact layout of navigation bar
  • Add Toggle to Disable space below Keyboard
  • Allow Configuring Navbar Radius
  • Optional haptic feedback on back gesture
  • Integrate Google Lens into Screenshot UI
  • Added Transparent QS customization
  • Add Toggle Show daily data usage in QS footer
  • Add QS footer icon Customizations
  • Optimize statusbar content padding
  • Unlock themes for light mode
  • Fix HotSpot crash
  • Added Monet Icons from 1k+ Apps
  • Add High Touch Polling Rate Support
  • Misc changes


Here are Some Download links For Pixel Plus UI:

Download Pixel Plus UI Rom

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