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Download Nusantara Project Rom 4.6 with Android 12


  1. Lightweight:
    • Based on AOSP is known to be lightweight, clean, without bloatware, and smooth.
  2. Variant:
    • Nusantara Project gives users the option to choose variants that have installed Google Apps (GApps) or not installed (Vanilla)
  3. Customization:
    • In addition to prioritizing stabilization and performance, we’ve also added personalized features that you can customize however you like.
  4. Powerful:
    1. Without bloatware and useless applications will drive further performance on this ROM. Many users rate and choose our ROMs as their daily drivers, especially in gaming usage.


Nusantara Project | v4.6 | Sate

  • Merge security patch June android-12.1.0_r8
  • Added charger battery warning
  • Added toggling floating rotation button
  • Added game prop toggle
  • Added alpha animation for Quick QS Clock
  • Added simple RGB color balance transform
  • Added toggling camera/mic privacy indicator
  • Allow skipping confirmation in the biometric auth dialog
  • Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock
  • Fixed daveys when latch_unsignaled is used
  • Improvement of QS panel UI
  • Improvement art bionic optimization from aospa
  • Improvement gamespace
  • Open the screenshot instead of edit
  • Provide required permissions for cellbroadcastreceiver
  • Silent some aosp logspam


Here are Some Download link For Nusantara Project Rom:

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