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Download Nusantara Project Rom 5.8 with Android 13


  1. Lightweight:
    • Based on AOSP is known to be lightweight, clean, without bloatware, and smooth.
  2. Variant:
    • Nusantara Project gives users the option to choose variants that have installed Google Apps (GApps) or not installed (Vanilla)
  3. Customization:
    • In addition to prioritizing stabilization and performance, we’ve also added personalized features that you can customize however you like.
  4. Powerful:
    1. Without bloatware and useless applications will drive further performance on this ROM. Many users rate and choose our ROMs as their daily drivers, especially in gaming usage.


Nusantara Project | v5.8 | Tangkuban

  • Merge May Security Patch android-13.0.0_r43
  • Move window ignore secure feature to NusantaraWings
  • Reworked PixelPropUtils and spoofing
  • Added icon shape picker
  • Added toggle for memory info view
  • Added custom themed icon pack
  • Added toggle for privacy indicator
  • Added toggle for Unlimited Photos Storage
  • Added toggle for Netflix Spoof
  • Added toggle for spoof remaining apps
  • Added toggle for °F/°C lockscreen charging
  • Added toggle for disable screenshot shutter sound
  • Added toggle for disable floating rotation button
  • Added toggle for android P system animation
  • Added toggle for bluetooth battery level
  • Added wakelock blocker
  • Added alarm blocker
  • Added edge back gestures action
  • Added statusbar NFC icon
  • Fixed bluetooth icon not showing when connected
  • Bring back color accent pallete on theme
  • Redesign recents app buttons
  • Other bug fixes and more optimizations

Nusantara Project | v5.7 | Tapanuli

  • Added back support for parallel space
  • Added back API for runtime taskbar config
  • Added back unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
  • Added custom button light brigtness
  • Added hardware key disable support
  • Added Pulse and Ambient notification bars customization
  • Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
  • Allow to reduce 3 second screen record timer
  • Allow changing back gesture height
  • Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
  • Allow haptic feedback on back gesture
  • Added volume dialog timeout
  • Added fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Disable debug and tracing
  • Fixed hidden apps reset after reboot for AppLock
  • Fixed recording crash on GameSpace
  • Fixed glitchy charging info on lockscreen
  • Forward port Boost framework hook for UDFPS
  • Forward port QS fling animation boost to NotificationPanelViewController
  • Forward-port smartspace to Android 13
  • Kill logcat spam on devices without QPerformance for BoostFramework
  • Improvements OOS QSPanel Style
  • Implement hidden & protected apps for Launcher3
  • QS footer data usage improvements and cleanup

Nusantara Project | v5.6 | Tumpeng

  • Merge security patch March android-13.0.0_r34
  • Added an option to use HEVC for screenrecord
  • Added support for Lockscreen clock fonts
  • Added colored Statusbar Icons
  • Added Lockscreen Notification count
  • Added Notif Panel Notification count
  • Added support for window ignore secure
  • Added double tap to sleep
  • Implement OOS qs style
  • Relayout the list & grid style settings
  • Some feature are removed, we will add it later

Nusantara Project | v5.5 | Tarakan

  • Merge security patch February android-13.0.0_r27
  • Added support for custom themed icon pack
  • Added Battery Capacity info
  • Added Hide app feature
  • Added an ability to blink flashlight for notifications
  • Added simple RGB color balance transform
  • Allow customizing default notification vibration pattern
  • Allow disabling color inversion support
  • Custom vibration pattern per notification channel
  • Fix disabling power menu completely on secured lock screen
  • Fix default data SIM resetting after reboot
  • Fix keyguard statusbar glitch
  • Make combined signal icons configurable at runtime
  • Improvement Pixel Prop
  • Implement QS Style
  • Open google weather on tapping smartspace
  • Support smartspace animation for pixel launcher
  • Update smartspace to 13-QPR1

Nusantara Project | v5.4 | Trisakti

  • Merge security patch January android-13.0.0_r21
  • Added API for runtime taskbar config
  • Added support for parallel space
  • Added BatteryBar
  • Added cutout force full screen
  • Added Wi-Fi and signal icon styles
  • Added support for navbar styles
  • Added double tap/long press power to toggle torch
  • Added dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
  • Added status bar volume control
  • Added Hidden SSID preference
  • Added client manager softap
  • Allow Wi-Fi/cell tiles to co-exist with provider model
  • Allow a more granular control over shades
  • Allow choosing a custom background color seed
  • Fixes keyguard statusbar overlapping on QS when keyguard is bypassed by face unlock
  • Fixes status bar right clock
  • Fixes launch of permision revoke activity from playstore
  • Implement Nusantara Blur Style v3

Nusantara Project | v5.3 | Tarumanegara

  • Merge security patch December android-13.0.0_r17
  • Added old style mobile data indicators
  • Added option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon
  • Added deep sleep info to uptime preference
  • Added support Blur Power Menu
  • Added QS Page Custom Transition Animations
  • Added face unlock
  • Added Parallel space
  • Added Homepage style
  • Allow using 4G icon instead LTE
  • Allow disabling QS on secure lock screen
  • Hide power menu on secure lock screen
  • Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks
  • QS tiles layout customizations
  • Implement New QS Clock


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