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What Is Custom Rom In Android?


  • AOSP means Android Open Source Program. It is a version of the open source code of Android, developed by Google in its consortium of brands to offer a pure version of the system, which is available to anyone. It can be modified by developers without the need to follow standards of Google applications.
  • Thanks to this project, the birth of custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, MIUI and others have come about.

Advantages of custom ROMs

  • System upgrade for older smartphones

Many Android owners already know this problem: the smartphone is already a year old but the manufacturer hasn’t released updates to the device. The new versions of Android are not only interesting because they bring new features but also because they fill security gaps.

  • Third party firmware uses the official codification of Android as well as a compatible driver for smartphones. This keeps everyone up-to-date on the newest version of Android. And it’s not difficult for a custom ROM to be more updated than the original firmware

The smartphone is faster

  • One of the biggest advantages of using custom ROMs is your smartphone will be faster. Themes and applications preinstalled by the manufacturer are reduced to almost nothing. This saves a lot of memory space and increases the device’s performance.

Customization options galore

  • Custom ROMs not only bring the latest version of Android but also give you many customization options. The possibilities are almost limitless.

You have root access (administrative)

  • With root access, you have control over all of the functions of your device. With the original Android, some functions are hidden. Now the modified firmware gives you unlimited access to all the features of your smartphone. Furthermore, backups are performed more easily.

Ideal for purists

  • Since custom ROMs are based on the ‘Android Open Source Project’ they are enriched with more functions and the appropriate driver by the team behind the community firmware. So if you bought a less stocky Android device like a Sony or Samsung you can still get a stocky experience.


  • Custom ROMs are wonderful but before you decide to change your device’s original firmware you should familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of the process.

They void the warranty

  • If your phone is still under warranty, you could have the possibility of voiding it if you decide to install a custom ROM. There are just a few manufacturers that will tolerate changes to the device system. Xiaomi is one of them.

They’re a lot of work

  • Custom ROMs are perfect for those who love a good challenge. But if this doesn’t sound like you then you won’t like custom ROMs. Between updates, the system root and unstable versions of a device, your patience could reach its limits.

The lack of Google applications

  • Third-party firmware comes with very few Google apps. The Play Store applications have to be installed again. The Google apps that you will need to install again can be found on the site

Is there a special ROM for my device?

  • There are numerous points of contact when seeking out third-party firmware. Community forums like the TheCustomRom or XDA-Developers are very well organized, reliable and generally quite friendly.
  • You’ll be able to find a wide range of sub-forums for special devices and advice for updating.


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