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Superior OS with Android 12 For Redmi Note 8/8T (Ginkgo)

Superior OS Android 12
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 23.12.21
By @Enprytna

Source Changelog:

General Changes:

  • Merged December security patch (android-12.0.0_r20)
  • Added customisable monet theme engine
  • Redesigned seekbar
  • Added network traffic Indicator customisations
  • Added battery icon customisations
  • Moved AOSP Gestures to SuperiorSettings
  • Moved System Navigation to SuperiorSettings
  • Implemented Smart space
  • Improved statusbar padding
  • Updated 4G+ icon to Silky design
  • PixelPropsUtils: Whitelisted GoogleCamera
  • PixelPropsUtils: Added streaming apps to the list
  • PixelPropsUtils: Updated build fp to december
  • Added a button to upload crash information to Memocho
  • Updated few drawables
  • Updated rounded corner dimens from Pixel
  • Updated Flipendo (from raven SD1A.210817.037)
  • Force google sans font for lock screen clock
  • Increased call log limit
  • Increased active Task Duration time
  • Disabled cursor drag by default for editable TextViews
  • Disabled rotation on the lock screen
  • Disabled fp lockouts
  • Disabled blur on App Launch
  • Imported more themed icons
  • Brought back our updater
  • Added monet support to the dialer, messaging and updater apps
  • Removed incall vibration settings from dialer (Also present on SuperiorSettings)
  • Enabled call recording for all (Removed restrictions)
  • The added auto call recording feature


  • Added some missing permissions
  • Fixed some weird system UI crashes
  • Fixed some more log spams
  • Fixed half black wallpaper after rotating quickly
  • Fixed pink progress animation color in expanded Wi-Fi tile
  • Fixed signal bar icon overlay issue
  • Fixed tts engine crash
  • Fixed Screenrecorder internal audio recording

Device Changelog:

  • Initial build
  • Synced with latest sources
  • December 2021 security patch
  • Shipped with QuicksilveR kernel & upstreamed to v4.14.258


  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • Vanilla build




  • For All Developers and Testers.
  • Thanks to @ghostrider_reborn for the trees
  • Thanks to @Gedexz for testing
  • Thanks to @ROM_builders, @ZsanzZtuyZ & @aldriarman for support.


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