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Shapeshift v2.1 R(11) For Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet

Shapeshift v2.1 | Delibird
Android: 11 (R)
Size: 1.3 GB
Released: 18.01.21
By: @galanteria01

Release Notes:

Source Side:

  • Merge r20 December AOSP tag
  • new accent picker with interactive preview
  • Fixed date view sometimes disappearing from clocks
  • Fixed dots truncation of lockscreen date
  • Improved ShapeShifter UI
  • Allow to suppress notification sound when screen is on
  • Divided lines clock
  • Add Pixel Props to spoof Google apps
  • improvements to fod performance and hiding when lockscreen is dismissed
  • Flashlight blink on incoming call settings
  • Allow enforcing time between notification sounds of an app
  • Fix double tap to wake on AOD
  • Allow setting gesture back swipe deadzone
  • screen off fod
  • allow disabling night light on fod
  • advanced reboot
  • oos vibration patterns
  • incall vibration options
  • lockscreen bottom shortcuts
  • improve systemui-wide font setting
  • refresh rate setting
  • make vibration disabling on battery saver optional
  • add an overlay to hide Selinux status in about phone
  • Add 4.19 support
  • pixel 5 overlays
  • fix miracast
  • add support for custom clang
  • add prebuilt pixel sounds app
  • dynamic partition backuptool support
  • force disable now playing
  • properly theme screenshot ui buttons
  • lockscreen pattern size, dots visibility and pattern visibility
  • make more tiles secure on keyguard
  • options to hide assistant handles
  • option to hide or center notification headers
  • option to allow hotspot upstreams to use vpn
  • screen off animations
  • option to mute media with gestures
  • fix horizon lights with sensitive notification content
  • tux clock
  • improvements to screenshotui colours
  • delete button in screenshotui
  • reading mode, music and sound search tile
  • 4g instead of LTE switch
  • volte icon picker
  • statusbar nfc icon
  • optional fingerprint icon on lockscreen
  • aggressive battery saver
  • double tap to sleep on lockscreen and statusbar
  • long press power to toggle torch
  • google sans font

Device Side:

  • Initial Official build based on Android 11 (R)
  • Azure kernel prebuilt
  • SELinux Status: Enforcing
  • Encryption by default: You can be decrypted by flashing disable force encryption v3 just after flashing the ROM
  • Recommended Recovery: Here


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  • @SturdyH @Nubbest @M_3L_W1_N (for testing)
  • @dasshubham762 (for trees and helping)
  • @panchajanya1999 (for kernel)

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