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Revenge OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 7/7s (Lavender)

New build available for lavender
Device: Redmi Note 7
Build date: Fri Jun 11 15:27:10 UTC 2021
RevengeOS version: 4.0

Device Changelog:

  • Decreased launch boost to 3sec
  • Don’t enforce RRO for all overlays
  • Fixed 5 GHz hotspot
  • Let power hal start early
  • Perfmgr now change dex2oat priorities along with overriding readahead to 128KiB after post-boot
  • Reduced jitter
  • Relaxed memlat from post_boot and let libperfmgr handles it
  • Update build fingerprint from Redfin RQ3A.210605.005
  • Updated and optimize zRAM configuration


  • Clean flash highly advised!


RevengeOS’ exclusive features:

  • Battery health check
  • Brand new UI, designed to be more immersive.
  • Brand new volume panel
  • Gradients. Everywhere.
  • New clock styles
  • General features:
  • Incall alerts
  • Kill app button
  • Hide/Show battery percentage
  • Resume media from QS
  • Playback control from the volume rocker
  • Wake up with volume buttons
  • Quick camera opening from sleep
  • 3-button navigation system
  • Pill navigation system
  • Swipe to screenshot
  • Wake on charge
  • Proximity sensor check when waking up
  • Full sensor block
  • And many more…



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  • Maintainer: Raiyan Shishir (@raiyanshishir)
  • Respected Developers.

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