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Project Sakura with Android 11 For Moto G5S Plus (Sanders)

Project Sakura ROM 5.R | Android 11
Updated 13/May/2021
Device: Moto G5S Plus | sanders

Highlights & Device Specific Changes:

Build type: Monthly
Device: Moto G5S Plus (sanders)
Device maintainer: ArmSM
Android Version: 11

Source Changelog:

  • May Security Patch android-11.0.0_r37
  • Trebuchet now looks and feel like Pixel Launcher with a search bar in the dock. And YES, it can be toggled
  • Applock can now lock apps Instantly after exiting
  • Added support for ScreenShot quality Settings
  • Developers can limit the max frame rate of built-in screen recorder
  • A new charging animation when you plug in your device
  • Two more clock faces to choose from, IDE(Java) clock and Type(Alt) clock
  • We fixed an issue where the Type(Alt) clock was always stuck on Good Morning salute
  • The older volte icon is gone in favor of a much better Dynamic Volte icon. But if you are a Samsung user then you can cry a river coz you are obviously not getting Volte xD
  • There is the new OOS styled clear all button
  • A lot of improvements to the Blur from ProtonAOSP
  • Support for applying blur to the lock screen and applying transparency to the notification background from CrDroid

Device Changelog:

  • sanders: audio/increase in call volume
  • sanders: enable again overlay for FPS Info



  • All Testers and Developers.

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