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POSP v4.0.1+2 DumAloo For Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet

POSP v4.0.1+2 | DumAloo
Android: 11 (R)
Released: 26/12/’20
Size: 847.26 MB
By: @galanteria01


  • RGB accent is back, and it’s better (and faster!) than ever 😀
  • Pick accents your way with 3 different colour pickers. You can also choose different accents for dark and light mode.
  • Our famous volume panels from Q are back and are baked to perfection!
  • Notch City is back, though there are only 2 modes for now. Stay tuned for an update 🙂
  • Added some staple QS tiles including heads-up and NFC, and fixed icons for WiFi.
  • Add/remove QS tiles with one click
  • Installing an APK? Package Installer will show you the current and new version.
  • Choose your clock styles on lock screen, in style
  • Status bar now shows you your Bluetooth device’s battery level too
  • Accidentally took a screenshot? Delete it right away, without opening Gallery!
  • Assistant’s animation is now nice and Colorful.
  • Choose from 6 battery styles
  • Take back control of QS with brightness slider tweaks and QS titles & dimensions
  • Doubletap/Longpress power to toggle Flashlight
  • There is now an option to enable lock screen media art with blur control
  • Who needs a power button anyways? Double-tap, lock screen or home screen to sleep
  • Skip tracks with volume buttons. (Stop being so lazy, Nico!)
  • Pulse ambient display on new music tracks
  • Only receive heads-up from messaging and calling apps with Less-boring headsups!
  • Permission hub is back so you know when your FBI man is watching you
  • Added per-app network isolation option with VPN upstreams
  • Dialer and messaging are now dark too. Dark mode all the things!
  • Completely de-googlified, with full microG support 😀 something frooty is on the way too
  • No Pixel Launcher? No problem! Swipe left from your home screen for GNow (Needs GApps!)

Device Side:

  • Initial build
  • Perf Kernel inbuilt
  • SELinux Status: Permissive
  • SafetyNet CTS passes only with Magisk
  • Recommended Magisk: Magisk Canary Debug
  • Recommended Recovery: PitchBlack Recovery Unofficial (or any other recovery with Android 11 encryption support)
  • ROM is encrypted by default. You can decrypt it by flashing Fcryptdisabler v3
  • GApps & Firmware not inbuilt

POSP v4.0.1+2 DumAloo For Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet

Download: Click Here




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