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PixysOS with Android 12 For OnePlus Nord (Avicii)

PixysOS v5.1.6 – OFFICIAL | Android 12
Updated: 13/10/’22

  • Version: v5.1.6
  • Edition: gapps

Source Changelog:

PixysOS v5.1.6 Changelog:

  • Merged October 2022 security patch
  • Added qti Bluetooth support
  • Allow forcing small keyguard clock
  • Lockscreen media art
  • Fixed Idle Manager
  • LocationTile: make it cycle modes
  • Allow devices to override audio panel location
  • Unblock the alarm and vibrate the status bar icons
  • Fix the net traffic view being white on QQS Header
  • Zygote: Enable USAP by default for S.
  • Fixed unlock animation
  • Allow suppressing notifications sound/vibration if the screen is ON
  • Less boring heads-up option
  • Update icon for Heads up tile.
  • Black theme
  • Add vibration patterns from OOS
  • Allow choosing a custom vibration pattern
  • Fixed incall vibration options
  • AppInfo: Add time spent in-app from Wellbeing
  • Updated pixysos logo and walls

Device Changelog:

  • October build.



  • Thanks to all testers
  • Aswin A S Kurup


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