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Pixys OS 4.0.1 R(11) For Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)


Pixys is a butter smooth Android aftermarket firmware. We handpicked the best features around and are adding our own juice into it.
Get ready to taste the unique features it brings with itself.
We aim to deliver an experience with original ideas and features along with the useful things the community is accustomed to.


Pixys: PixysOS
Pixys Device Sources: PixysOSDevices


  • First stable release of Pixys 4.0.x
  • November patch merged
  • Corrected ramdisk for better performance
  • Updated radio, CNE from LA.UM.9.1.r1-06700-SMxxx0.0
  • Updated GPS configs from tucana and blobs from LA.UM.9.1.r1-06700-SMxxx0.0
  • Merged latest gps caf tag
  • Updated CarrierSettings to RD1A.201105.003.C1
  • Option to hide navigation bar to fix navigation bug
  • Added advanced reboot
  • Fixed wallpaper and styles crashes
  • Bring back faceunlock
  • Decrypted by default


  • Backup your personal data (Important)
  • Download the ROM and GApps (If applies) and transfer them to your device.
  • Boot to recovery (OrangeFox recommended).
  • Wipe the System, Cache, Data and ART/Dalvik cache (if decrypted) || Format data by typing yes in orangefox (If encrypted or not sure)
  • Flash the latest chinese firmware
  • Flash ROM (rom is decrypted by default so no need to flash fcrypt or stuff)
  • Flash Gapps (Optional)
  • Reboot your device.
  • Flash the root solution of your choice (optional).The ROM has GApps persistence in between dirty flashes, so you only have to flash them once!
    The root solution should be flashed together with every update (= ROM Update)

    Currently Supported Root Solutions:

    Magisk stable

  • Magisk versions higher than 14.0 doesn’t require flash on every dirty flash depending on the device, some devices need you to flash it every time, unless your maintainer says otherwise it should be fine


We have both GApps and Vanilla versions of ROM


– Google for AOSP
– Dirty Unicorns
– Pixel experience
– AOSP extended
– LineageOS
– Nitrogen Os
– Bootleggers Rom
– Superior OS
– AICP & POSP Team for thread template idea
– Also many pro developers who all help us to bring this rom to you.
– Please let us know if we forgot to mention your name in credits.


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