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Pixel Plus UI with Android 12 For Mi 10T/10T Pro (Apollo)

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL update is now available for
Mi 10T/Pro (apollon)

  • Build Version: v4.6
  • Build Type: Gapps
  • Build Date: 2022-06-22
  • Build Status: Stable

Source Changelog:

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL v4.6 (09.06.2022):

  • Merged the latest June Security patch
  • Added Pixelizer back
  • Added back Monet Themeing
  • Added GameSpace
  • Added App Lock
  • Added option to reset Battery usage data
  • Added pitch black theme
  • Added force stop button on the notification
  • Added Network Traffic indicator
  • Added OSS style clear all button
  • Added toggle to disable screen recorder/capture restriction on apps
  • Added clock and battery customizations
  • Added QS footer text customization
  • Added Battery Estimation toggle
  • Added Quick Pulldown toggle
  • Added LTE/4G icon Toggle
  • Added Network Signal Combine toggle
  • Added Volte/Vowifi Icons toggle
  • Added TouchScreen Gestures
  • Added Screen off UDFPS toggle
  • Added Volume panel left/right toggle
  • Added Blink flashlight on call
  • Added In-call vibration customization
  • Added Launch music app on headset connect toggle
  • Added Invert 3 button navigation bar toggle
  • Added PUI icon pack for Settings
  • Added Hide QS on lock screen toggle
  • Added Small Lockscreen clock toggle
  • Added Power button customization(Flash Light/skip track etc)
  • Added Font Customizations
  • Added OSS style Vibration Patterns
  • Added Blur in UI (Optional)
  • Added Show App icon In Volume Panel for per-app Volume
  • Added more features in Stock ScreenRecorder
  • Fixed broken features
  • Added Double tick haptic on charger connect
  • Applied monet on charging animation
  • An added lens in the screenshot menu
  • Added Battery charging cycle and capacity
  • Fixed Applying update from local (Now can manually apply OTA from Updater)
  • Fixed QS tiles bugs
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Misc changes and improvements
  • Much More – Try by yourself

Device Changelog

  • All blobs updated from MIUI-APOLLOEEA-
  • Final sepolicy rules for Ks/mdm_helper support (Ported from Sony Devices and Adapted for Xiaomi 8250)
  • audio: Use QCOM implementation for audio effects
  • Inherit Build time optimizations for the platform
  • Fixed USB dac
  • Import & adapt qti vibrator effects
  • Updated and improved props from the latest Miui
  • Improved Ultrasound Proximity Sensor behaviour
  • Latest kernel upstreams
  • Fixed wrong battery capacity report
  • Removed Dolby Atmos (refer to support group for getting Dolby again)
  • Disable showing BatteryHealth info in Settings
  • Drop deprecated power profile configs
  • Declare default screen density
  • set Night Display Default Color Temperature
  • Import display calibration blobs from HelluvaOS
  • Import stock HVDCP props
  • Update Service Tracker QTI Impl from Europe Miui
  • Update Listen to Blobs from Miui Europe Miui
  • Update IPA firmware Blobs from Europe Miui
  • Update ssrec Blobs from Europe Miui
  • Update ADSP Blobs from Europe Miui
  • Update cnss-daemon from Global Miui
  • Update RIL blobs from Global Miui
  • release tools: Print a read-able message while flashing
  • Update surface flinger props
  • Apply for 64-bit inode version support
  • start boot animation on late-fs
  • Set 50% Zram size
  • Remove zram cold page writeback file
  • Enable zram writeback
  • tune zram performance
  • Properly label qvr_external_sensor fd
  • Correct wi-fi permissions
  • Provide proper permissions for the audio folder
  • Disable vendor.lowi by default
  • Disable adsprpcd
  • Sepolicy: Further improve mdm_helper sepolicy
  • Delete non-existing ssr_[setup/debug/ramdump]
  • Remove duplicate “start logd”
  • Clean up non-existing cpu_boost nodes
  • Drop QTI camera device usage
  • Remove 5g_mode_pref for 4G Only Support
  • Drop ims-vt prop and overlay
  • Import LMK props from stock
  • Label thermal_hbm_disabled
  • disable phantom process monitoring
  • Remove config_jitzygoteBootImagePinnerServiceFiles list
  • Use stop instead of set props for console
  • Disable serial console notification
  • Disable some gms components for better WiFi speeds


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Developers and Testers.


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