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Pixel Extended with Android 13 For Samsung Galaxy S10 (beyond1lte)

Pixel Extended 5.0
Device: beyond1lte
Version: Android 13
By: @Jubscleisson
Build Date: 04.10.2022

Source Changelog:

Pixel Extended V5.0 (03.10.2022) PEXtension – Welcome A13:

  • September Security Patch
  • Added the PEXtension menu (where you will find all the added features)
  • Allow user to add/remove QS with one click
  • Haptic Feedback to tiles
  • Allow using 4G icon instead of LTE
  • Incall vibration options
  • Advanced reboot toggle
  • Three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
  • Statusbar NFC icon
  • Double tap to sleep on the lock screen
  • Double tap to sleep on the status bar
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Volume Rocker Wake
  • Network traffic monitor
  • Lockscreen quick unlock
  • Hide power menu on the secure lock screen
  • Volume Long Press Skip Tracks
  • Volume key cursor control
  • Old-style mobile data indicators
  • Quick QS pulldown
  • another small improvement

Device Side:

  • Initial Android 13 Release
  • Enable blur
  • Remap Bixby key to Google Assistant


  • A clean flash is recommended.
  • Clean flash is mandatory for build V5.0.
  • This rom supports only PE and LOS recovery Please don’t report bugs if you using TWRP




  • All Developers and Testers.


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