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Oxygen OS 11 Port For Redmi K20 Pro (Raphael)

Oxygen OS 11 Luna | Android 11
Based On: OnePlus 7T Pro
Build by: Team Evelyn
Updated: 19/11/’21


  • Based on A11 fw.
  • Ported vendor from OnePlus7TPro
  • Fixed graphics optimization in game mode.
  • Fixed L1 certification
  • Improved FOD impl ( eliminated wakeup issues )
  • Native PopUp implmention with fall detection.
  • Added native OnePlus ringer modes.
  • Added Hotword Enrolment Blobs (should be now able to configure Ok Gulag)
  • Fixed AUX Cameras
  • Fixed “Unknown Baseband” in device info
  • Fixed the Ringtone selection in Sound settings
  • Better Dolby support
  • Fixed Google Recorder
  • Fixed NFC( Will enable on non Indian variants only)
  • Added thermals
  • Debloated some useless stuff from vendor
  • Disabled Adaptive Display (no more messed up contrast in sunlight)
  • Adjusted status bar padding
  • Better DT2W impl, retains across reboots now
  • McLaren theming and cyberpunk bootanimation.
  • Assistive lighting should work now in Face Unlock
  • Added f2fs and encryption support.
  • Added features from OnePlus kernel ( Houston and shit)
  • Safetynet passes without magisk
  • New OnePlus game monitor


  • Flash vbmeta if coming from MIUI
  • Flash latest fw for your region.
  • Encryption is enabled by default.
  • f2fs is recommended.
  • Custom kernels are not officially supported. If you face any issues you’re on your own.

Required Files:

  • Orangefox Recovery
  • The rom
  • A11 Firmware
  • vbmeta.img (If coming from MIUI/ Fastboot Stuck)
  • DFE (Optional)


  • Wipe all partitions except internal storage.
  • Flash the latest A11 firmware of your devices’ region.
  • Flash the latest rom zip.
  • Flash vbmeta.img (use #vbmeta in the group) (Only if coming from MIUI)
  • (OPTIONAL) Flash DFE to disable encryption. (Not recommended)
  • Reboot to system.


  • if your phone does not boot and is stuck at the boot logo, FORMAT(not wipe) DATA and reboot, as you were probably encrypted before coming to oos.
  • If it’s stuck at fastboot then you are a dumbass and go read from the start.




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