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Oxygen OS 11 Port For Redmi Note 7/7s (Lavender)

Oxygen OS Stable
Status: Port
Version: Android 11
From: OnePlus 6T
Updated: 05/12/’21


  • Fixed the issue of status bar icons were collapsing
  • Disabled Album Art on Lockscreen
  • Added Battery Temp and Stats Reset
  • Switched to QTI BT
  • Added AOSP like Ringer Tile
  • Updated RIL Blobs from billie
  • Fixed Display Wakeup issues on Album Art and on Lockscreen while registering on Fingerprint
  • CTS Passes with and without root both
  • Removed Unwanted Gestures in Gestures Settings and other things


  • Use kernel that supports QTI haptics, and if it reboots to fastboot mode then kindly flash Permissiver v5 after flashing any custom kernel
  • FORMAT DATA IS MANDATORY if you’re adapting to Android 11 from Android 10
  • Want Cyberpunk theme: Flash in magisk
  • This build doesn’t has Dolby as OP6 device doesn’t has dolby by default, in case if you want it then flash Dolby magisk module




  • A very special thanks to Juniiim,
  • amog787 (for most of the fixes),
  • Umang and @OOFGang


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