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Octavi OS with Android 12 For Redmi K30/Poco X2 (Phoenix)

Octavi OS Official Android 12

  • Device: Poco X2/Redmi K30 (Phoenix)
  • Octavi OS Version: 3.3
  • Maintainer: @RedcliffOP
  • Build Date: 2022-01-22
  • Build Type: Gapps

Source Changelog:

Octavi OS v3.3 Changelog:

  • Merged r27 Jan sec patch
  • Bring up new AboutPhone UI
  • A few changes to QS design (more minimal now)
  • Fix status bar color in Octavi Dialer
  • Improve monet implementation in Octavi Dialer
  • Make search bar more round in Dialer
  • Fixed the calling text issue while incall
  • Fix missing illustration of 3 finger SS
  • Try to keep Icon packs intact even after reboot
  • Make pop up menus more round
  • Fix dark theme coloring of panels
  • Use a safe cast to avoid NPE
  • Disable useless dividers in Listviews
  • Disabled wakeup blur animation
  • Nuked unused resources from SystemUI
  • Add capability to allow Hotspot clients to use VPN
  • Use OOS icons in the brightness slider
  • Fixed ripple animation inside FP devices
  • Add support for allowing/disallowing apps on cellular/VPN/wifi
  • Upstreamed NetworkPolicyManager stuff
  • Fix an NPE in BatteryMeterView
  • Upstreamed WiredAcessoryManager
  • Upstreamed gmscompact
  • Remove useless debugging flags
  • Mute an annoying error message from Lights service
  • Set scroll friction to 0.006f
  • Disable a lot of useless log spam from multiple utils/services
  • Address a few null pointer exception crashes
  • Add a toggle to enable/disable battery estimate in QS
  • Implement backup/restore for network policy
  • Added Wifi timeout
  • Added Bluetooth timeout
  • Added power menu transparency control
  • Added power menu animations
  • Added toggle for Charging animation
  • Fix a boot loop when no keyboard is found
  • Disabled Bluetooth on boot by default
  • Added pulse edge light for doze triggers
  • Disabled rotation on Lockscreen
  • Added UDFPS customisations (icons & animations)
  • Make landscape batter a bit smaller
  • Fix black QQS on Lockscreen
  • Fix a QS crash when not using the media player
  • Improved privacy indicators

Device Changelog:

  • SELinux is enforcing now
  • Update blobs from PHOENIX 21.11.17
  • Switched to Dynamic Refresh Rate ( Its as smooth as before if not better, also 90hz and 60hz don’t feel like shit anymore )
  • wifi: Smarter decisions on whether to use a 2 or 5Ghz AP
  • rootdir cleanup
  • Fixed WiFi Display
  • Nuke antradio library
  • Removed HBM and CABC
  • Improved Battery Backup

Kernel Changelog:

  • Upstreamed to 4.14.261
  • Merge LA.UM.9.1.r1-11500-SMxxx0.0
  • Silence KCAL debug logging
  • devdw: Increase polling rate
  • sdmmagpie: Nuke trust zone logging
  • schedutil: Remove useless tracing
  • Disabled FTRACE
  • Disabled seccomp


  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • Based on OSS Vendor.
  • GApps Included




  • All Developers and Testers.


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