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Octavi OS with Android 11 For OnePlus 9R (Lemonades)

Octavi OS Official Android 11

  • Device : OnePlus 9R (lemonades)
  • OctaviOS Version : 2.8
  • Maintainer : @V3NK4135H
  • Build Date : 09/08/2021
  • Build Type : Gapps

Source Changelog:

Octavi OS v2.8 Changelog

  • Merged r40 August Security Patch
  • Changed Lockscreen Font to Default
  • Added custom font support to third-party apps
  • Introduced LiveDisplay
  • Added LiveDisplay Tile
  • Added ReadingMode Tile
  • Added AntiFlicker Tile
  • Added FaceUnlock Changing Method when Locked
  • Added Legacy WFD Output video mode Settings
  • Added Octavi-OS Logo in Statusbar
  • Added FOD Animations
  • Added Custom Fingerprint Icon Option
  • Added Flipendo to Battery Saver QS Tile
  • Improvements in ShapeShift VolumePanel
  • Renamed OOS volume panel to Nezuko panel (coz they made this one)
  • Fixed the Scrolling issues on the Running services page
  • Fixed the Buggy Virtual keyboard UI
  • Fixed the overlap issue in the footer for RTL languages
  • Fixed About phone page scrolling issues for small screen size devices like Sanders
  • Fixed About phone camera info text cutting when 4 or more camera Infos are present
  • Fixed the battery page text getting cut
  • Fixed the Dialer app crashing while swapping sim
  • Improvements to re-ticker crash on notification pop up
  • Fixed the QS music area getting blank with Re-ticker on (Probably)
  • Fixed media card in qs not behaving well with G-Visual mode
  • Fixed dialer toolbar and switches issues in light theme
  • Added Dark mode support in Contacts app
  • Fixed an issue wherein lower DPI Hello, User gets out of the screen while the toolbar is in Collapsing mode. Rewrote the collapsing logic
  • Changed default wall


  • Redesigned Lab UI to the more minimal and clean look
  • Redesigned Dialer speed dial cards to match OOS UI

Device Changelog:

  • Initial Build.

Notes :

  • Based on IllusionX kernel
  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Developers and Testers.


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