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Octavi OS with Android 11 For Mi 9 SE (Grus)

Octavi OS Official Android 11

  • Device: Mi 9 SE (Grus)
  • Octavi OS Version: 2.9
  • Maintainer: @RDS_07
  • Build Date: 16/09/2021
  • Build Type: Vanilla

Source Changelog:

Octavi OS v2.9 Changelog:

New Things Added:

  • Merged r43 September security patch
  • Added Statusbar brightness control gesture
  • Added notch city from POSP (3 mode cutout handler)
  • Added Media notification background for QS media player
  • Added Cloudflare DNS as a private DNS provider
  • Added a network permission group for Internet
  • Added special runtime permission for sensors
  • Added seek bar or Statusbar padding (no more icon cropping)
  • Added an option to record longer in Screenrecord (can record up to 15GB now)
  • Added hotspot clients feature
  • Added Memory view in Recents panel
  • Added Kill app button in Recents panel

Fixes are done with this update:

  • Fixed CTS with September patch
  • Improved AppLock
  • Fixed the pattern issue with collapsing toolbar
  • Removed OTA notification coz spamming as hell
  • Fix clock icon in few icon packs
  • Fixed Theming options getting reset to default on reboot
  • Improved FPS counter
  • Fixed Expectation errors with Android S clocks
  • Fixed Null pointer error in Volume Plugins
  • Improved Android S clock
  • Made animations a bit humane
  • Fixed touch area in Volume panel for caption and ringer button while in landscape mode
  • Fixed FOD position if the cutout is hidden
  • Fixed search bar background appearance in the toolbar in Octavi Dialer
  • Fixed Call history crash in Octavi Dialer
  • Fixed a crash when u tap on Manage conference in Octavi Dialer
  • Fixed the inconsistent indents among preferences in Settings
  • Fixed the name being small in the Settings homepage header

Redesigned stuff:

  • Redesigned Dark mode page in settings
  • Redesigned AOSP Clock app

Device Changelog:

  • Removed f2fs support from cache (So set data to ext4/f2fs and cache to ext4 )
  • Enforcing
  • Go to OctaviLab > statusbar > change statusbar left/right padding to 9.


  • Clear flash is recommended


  • Go to recovery
  • Wipe all ( internal storage, Dalvik, cache, data, vendor, system, cust )
  • Format data
  • Reboot to recovery
  • (go to wipe > advance wipe > select cache > repair or change file system > change file system > set it to f2fs)
  • Do same with data >repair or change file system > change file system > set it to f2fs)
  • To set data and cache to f2fs in orange fox.
  • Flash firmware ( a10 / a11 ) as per rom requirement
  • Flash only rom
  • Flash flame basic a11 beta gapps or nikgapps core gapps ( if it`s vanilla build )
  • Reboot to system.


  • Go to recovery
  • Wipe Dalvik, cache, vendor, system
  • Flash firmware (not mandatory )
  • Flash rom
  • Flash gapps ( only if you are on vanilla build )
  • Flash magisk
  • Reboot to system.


  • Flash vbmeta ( fastboot –disable-verity –disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img )
  • Flash recovery ( fastboot flash recovery recovery.img )
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Flash recovery.img from recovery in the recovery section
  • Reboot to recovery ( to check if recovery is still there)
  • Follow the clean flash guide


  • Set cache to ext4 and data in f2fs
  • Rest all is same

Few Important notes

  1. I recommend NikGapps (core) for vanilla builds as they are far more stable and there are also some nikgapps Addons that you guys can try
  2. F2FS is recommended over EXT4 for better performance and longevity
  3. ADB guide




  • All Developers and Testers.


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