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Nusantara Project with Android 12 For Redmi Note 10 (Mojito)

Nusantara Project | UPDATE | Android 11

  • Device: Redmi Note 10 (Mojito)
  • NAD Version: Shodanco
  • Built Date: 15-01-2022
  • Maintainer: @hikarinochikara


Nusantara Project | v4.1 | Shodanco

Android 12:

  • January security patch android-12.0.0_r26
  • Added support for mixed time & sun modes
  • Added AOD QS tile
  • Added option to enable AOD on charging only
  • Added pulse ambient light
  • Added double tab to trigger doze
  • Added navigation bar tile
  • Added volume track skip song
  • Added skip track action
  • Added previous track action
  • Added more QS footer icon visibilities
  • Added support for DisplayPort Audio
  • Added optional screenshot
  • Added Skip/Previous Song Function for navbar action
  • Added overlay for vendor code for udfps
  • Added toogle disable qs date in qs header
  • Added data switch tile
  • Added reset battery stats
  • Added CPU info tile
  • Added haptic feedback to tile & duration
  • Added support for allowing/disallowing apps on cellular, vpn and wifi networks
  • Added support OEM fast charger detection
  • Allow scheduling always-on display
  • Allow hiding notification headers
  • Allow toggling combined signal icons
  • Allow waking the screen instead of pulsing
  • Allow hiding navbar
  • Allow toggling location privacy indicator
  • Added changelog
  • Bring back icon pack
  • Bring back icon shapes
  • Don’t crash when not using the media player
  • Fixed fingerprint authentication vibration toogle
  • Fixed system boot loop when no IME was found
  • Fixed panel theme layout
  • Implement torch double tab/long press screen off from AOSP Krypton
  • Implement network traffic from AOSP Krypton
  • Improvement three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
  • Improvement GameSpace
  • Improvement brightness slider icon & color
  • Link date in QS status bar with clock
  • Remove restrictions for system audio record

Device Changelog:

  • Initial Android 12 Build
  • SELInux Enforcing
  • SafetyNet passed by default


  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • Flash using OFOX
  • Gapps Only




  • Thanks to Allah SWT for everything
  • Big Thanks for Nusantara lead dev & other Maintainers
  • Thanks @Waxaranai for helping & @attack_dns24 For server
  • Thanks @rizkifanani12,@mda_suicidee,@PFARN,@Hasibkk for testing
  • Thanks @ZIDAN44 for trees, vendor & kernel


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