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Nusantara Project with Android 12 For Redmi K30 Pro/Poco F2 Pro (lmi)

Nusantara Project | UPDATE | Android 12L

  • Device: Poco F2 Pro (Lmi)
  • NAD Version: Sate
  • Built Date: 25-06-2022
  • Maintainer: Zenka


Nusantara Project | v4.6 | Sate

  • Merge security patch June android-12.1.0_r8
  • Added charger battery warning
  • Added toggling floating rotation button
  • Added game prop toggle
  • Added alpha animation for Quick QS Clock
  • Added simple RGB color balance transform
  • Added toggling camera/mic privacy indicator
  • Allow skipping confirmation in the biometric auth dialog
  • Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock
  • Fixed daveys when latch_unsignaled is used
  • Improvement of QS panel UI
  • Improvement art bionic optimization from aospa
  • Improvement gamespace
  • Open the screenshot instead of edit
  • Provide required permissions for cellbroadcastreceiver
  • Silent some aosp logspam

Device Changelog:

  • update to Raven June 2022 fingerprint
  • revert light sensor Debounce (fix auto brightness)
  • adapt UDFPS Vendor Code to source (fix screen off UDFPS)
  • switch back to default launcher (Pixel Launcher)
  • fix HBM and DC Dimming options in settings
  • Compact cached app heaps in the background
  • Allow more cached apps in the background
  • Cleanup early_boot script
  • Disable gms components for better WiFi speeds
  • Nuke vibrator debug logs
  • Kill IMS logspam
  • Apply latest Kryo 785 & 385 Optmiziations
  • Kernel: Do not acquire IPA wakelocks
  • Kernel: Fix netdev watchdog triggering on suspend
  • Kernel: cpuidle: lpm-levels: decrease reported deep idle latency
  • Kernel: Enable garbage collector for userspace wakeup sources
  • Kernel: Enable ExFAT
  • Kernel: BACKPORT: msm: kgsl: Add support to get gpu model from device tree
  • Kernel: BACKPORT: msm: kgsl: Add a property to query gpu model name
  • Kernel: BACKPORT: msm: kgsl: Add support for KGSL_PROP_VK_DEVICE_ID
  • Kernel: merge tag LA.UM.9.12.1.r1-01500-SMxx50.QSSI12.0
  • Kernel: upstream to Linux Kernel v4.19.246 Stable release


  • BUG: USB connection mode (change via developer options)
  • BUG: Report if found more
  • Use FW CN or Global
  • GApps Build
  • Decrypted build




  • Allah SWT
  • TH779 for device tree


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