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Miui 12.2 Eu Rom For Realme 3 Pro

MIUI 12.2 EU 20.10.29 Build is Up for Realme 3 Pro!

Maintainer : @Shra1V32

November Security Patch with source upstreams and fixed common bugs

Flashing Guide:

1. Flash MIUI EU *20.10.15* Vendor Zip (Vendor Zip must be flashed first)
2. Flash MIUI EU *20.10.29* System Zip
3. Flash Magisk (21.0 is supported) (Optional)
4. Format Data

Flashing Guide for Incremental Zip:
Just flash the zip through Recovery and then reboot to system

Miui 12.2 Eu Rom For Realme 3 Pro


– Native Video Calling
– Raise to wake is bugged
– Banking Apps: Follow this (–Other-Banking-App-Fix-Guide-05-24)

Miui 12.2 Eu Rom For Realme 3 Pro


– DT2W has been disabled intentionally to save BB (Flash a Custom Kernel based on OOS for that)
– Try out new UI here (Don’t report Bugs) : Click here (
– Fix for Voice Changer: Click Here (

Realme 3 Pro 20.10.29 Update Changelogs

Source Side Changes:

Device-Side Changes:

  • Fixed WhatsApp notifications and Dual-Apps Issue
  • Fixed Phone heats abnormally
  • Improved RAM Management (Thanks Lynix)
  • Added Chrome App (No more issues with Chrome installation)
  • BetaUI has been replaced with Old UI ( This change has been done because of the Dual Apps Issue, You can however flash a Magisk Module for getting new UI, But if you found any bugs, Don’t report).

A workaround for Dual Apps with NewUI ( Needs to be tested):

  • Create a dual app in the OldUI itself (Mainly, WhatsApp)
  • After it gets done successfully, You can flash new UI Module
  • Dual Apps is working fine for me after this (Because It needs Google Services Framework to be cloned, And has been done already in OldUI)

Miui 12.2 Eu Rom For Realme 3 Pro







Miui 12.2 Eu Rom For Realme 3 Pro

Gpay & Other Banking App Fix Guide:


1.Long Press On Gpay and Click on App info


2. Click On Permission


3. Click on Get Device info


4.Click On Always allow

Follow same process on other banking app Those app show insert sim card to register

Miui 12.2 Eu Rom For Realme 3 Pro

@saltyfishes for his Fixes
@BabluS for his kernel
@Zaxceed for helping me in ports

Thanks to Kalp and @NoOneCaresToMe for testing

Miui 12.2 Eu Rom For Realme 3 Pro

Download: Click Here




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