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LineageOS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 9s/9 Pro/9 Pro Max/Poco M2 Pro (Miatoll)

Lineage OS 18.1 | OFFICIAL ~ Miatoll
Android: 11
Build Date: 19.11.2021
Maintainer: @dereference

Device Changelog:

Changes included in

  • htop: Set HOME to /sdcard on android
  • htop: Fix build error under -std=c99
  • htop: Regenerate sources and configs for Android builds
  • Merge tag 3.1.1 of
  • overlay: update default wallpaper for large-notouch
  • Launcher: Fix all apps view not dismissing
  • prebuilt: Remove lineage-radio.rc
  • Remove fake wget
  • TvSettings: hide password by default
  • build: Respect fs_config when generating recovery ramdisk
  • mm-video: vidc: Advertise the correct max supported level
  • SUW: remove privacy policy link on large-notouch
  • SUW: update lineage_wizard_script for TV
  • SUW: use DayNight theme for TV
  • SUW: update Wifi setup for TV
  • SUW: layout for TV
  • Recorder: Fix DialogActivity’s transitions
  • Recorder: Fix cancelling the share notification
  • Recorder: Simplify DialogActivity
  • Recorder: Don’t get location if the preference is disabled
  • Recorder: Separate delete last from DialogActivity
  • Recorder: fix phone call broadcast receiver
  • Recorder: pause instead of stopping on a phone call
  • Recorder: improve the main UI
  • Recorder: lift list toolbar on scroll
  • Recorder: use DiffUtil to compute list diff when setting items
  • Recorder: do not allow util classes to be instantiated
  • Recorder: move dialog methods out of LastRecorderHelper
  • Recorder: Use lifecycle aware task executor for background tasks
  • Recorder: disable jetifier
  • Recorder: Add gitattributes
  • Recorder: Fix warnings
  • Recorder: update gradle wrapper
  • Recorder: Add an exported flag in manifest
  • Recorder: Prevent crash when starting and stopping too fast
  • Recorder: Update gradle and dependencies
  • Recorder: Replace icon with something matching


  • Installation Steps (IMPORTANT)
  • An update can be installed via OTA (LineageOs Recovery Needed)
  • OpenGapps And MindTheGapps Recommend
  • SafetyNet basic integrity passes (not CTS, see HERE for more info)



  • All testers and Developers.


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