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LineageOS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 7/7s (Lavender)

LineageOS 18.1 Weekly – OFFICIAL | Android 11
Updated: 28/12/’21


Changes included in

  • Revert “lavender: Add support for 240FPS 1/8 slow-motion”
  • msm: camera_v2: bring back lavender to oldcam impl
  • lavender: Reorder proprietary blobs listing
  • lavender: Add a script to reorder blobs list
  • lavender: Update blobs from V12.5.3.0.QFGCNXM
  • lavender: Switch back to oldcam
  • lavender: Remove duplicated keymaster blobs
  • lavender: Add support for 240FPS 1/8 slow-motion
  • lavender: Drop non-functional soundtrigger configs
  • lavender: overlay: define proper content padding
  • lavender: update-sha1sums: Handle line with opts
  • lavender: update-sha1sums: Better handle line breaks
  • lavender: Format with yapf
  • lavender: Add unpinning support to script
  • lavender: Handle moved blobs in script
  • lavender: Add script to update sha1sums of kanged blobs
  • lavender: Move to common IR impl
  • lavender: Unset TARGET_OTA_ASSERT_DEVICE
  • lavender: Use an only full qualified name for manifest entries


  • Clean Flash MANDATORY!
  • GApps NOT included, recommended: MindTheGapps, you can find those in Lineage Wiki.



  • All Developers and testers.
  • @raiyanshishir, @SebaUbuntu for all the help given

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