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LineageOS with Android 11 For Poco F3/Redmi K40/Mi 11x (Alioth)

LineageOS 18.1 | OFFICIAL | Android 11
Updated: 18/12/’21


Changes included in

  • Eleven: Fix crash with enabled visualizer but missing permission
  • vendor: apns: Add auth_type explanation
  • vendor: apns: Fix wrong IPV4 protocols
  • vendor: apns: Remove unused “spn” attribute
  • vendor: apns: Correct Telia
  • Bump Security String to 2021-12-05
  • osi: Prevent memory allocations with MSB set
  • An enum is initialized as zero if it doesn’t have a default value
  • osi: Prevent memory allocations with MSB set
  • Fix use-after-free bug in FuseDaemon
  • Fix issue with call log last modified not being updated.
  • Bluetooth security: Add BLUETOOTH_PRIVILEGED permission for pairing dialog
  • OOBW due to incorrect error handling
  • DO NOT MERGE KeyChain protect against overlays.
  • DO NOT MERGE Hide overlay on KeyChainActivity
  • Address photo editing security bug
  • Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
  • Disallow overlays for ResolverActivity
  • DO NOT MERGE KeyStore ChunkedStreamer must tolerate update consuming 0 bytes.
  • Do not show the notification footer until the user is set up.
  • Fix serialization bug in GpsNavigationMessage
  • Fix NPE on getTitle()
  • C2SoftMp3Dec: fix OOB write in output buffer
  • Fix heap-buffer-overflow in MPEG4Extractor am: d13a4efc7a
  • handle cases where the order isn’t a multiple of dimension
  • Add ATV KeyHandler
  • sdk: introduce custom action keys
  • Don’t pass repeated back key events to app if custom action is set up
  • Avoid sending duplicate MSG_BACK_LONG_PRESS messages
  • sm8250-common: parts: popup camera: Make sure class attributes are initialized
  • sm8250-common: parts: popup camera: Avoid calling proximity sensor when disabled


  • Clean Flash Recommended.



  • All Developers and testers.


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