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KangOS v11.4 R(11) For Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro Raphael

KangOS | Android R | Pegasus| Official | New Year
Build Date : 12/01/’21
Device : Redmi K20 Pro | Raphael
Maintainer : Sherif Rahim


Device Side:

  • As per my Experience maybe can call it in a state between
  • BETA <|> STABLE , ill let you guys be the judge.
  • New OOS Inspired Clock & QS Adjustments
  • Updated Fingerprint to January Coral
  • Vendor 0.4 for IN devices can be used.(didnt force it on tree thou)
  • Nuked a bunch of sepolicy (now addressed on source)
  • Addressed Smart Charging Denails (It should work now!, i guess so)
  • Fixed some bugs as per reports from 3.5 Release
  • Nuked ANX Completely (for now)
  • Flagged QTI BT STACK as true
  • Alignment of FOD Anims Corrected most of ’em.
  • Accent colors can be changed by styles and Walls App.
  • Some FB owned apps may / may not lag randomly, if it does contact me with proper logs and we will talk.

Source Side:

  1. January Sec patch.
  2. OOS Style QS Clock. (For Official Devices for now) (Thanks to Team Octavi)
  3. Redesigned QS. ( For Official Devices for now)
  4. QS Disco mode.
  5. Added OOS/Miui notification clear all button.
  6. Added few Lockscreen clocks. ( Binary, Lineage, Tux, Fluid )
  7. Added Advanced Restart toggle back.
  8. Added call recording in aosp dialer. ( vanilla )
  9. Added dark theme option in aosp dialer and messaging app.
  10. Added Dashboard toggling options back.
  11. Debloated gapps build.
  12. Made ui More rounded.
  13. Fixed Settings icon related issue.
  14. Disabled RGB accenter for now.
  15. Fixed some bugs and more optimizations have been done.


  • Customization Section – Here
  • Theming & Features Section – Here


  • First Important Step is to Backup (though depends on you if you wanna be safe or no)
  • Boot to TWRP via fastboot.
  • Select wipe.
  • Then advanced wipe.
  • Select everything and slide to wipe (except internal storage).
  • Press home the reboot then reboot to next slot (A if on b and b if on A).
  • Do the same wipe procedure from the above step.
  • Go home and press install then install zip then reboot to system.
  • This should work in case if it doesn’t power off and power on so that it will detect slot automatically or just change slot.
  • Reboot & enjoy!


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Note : Linked folder Includes both Vanilla and Gapps Builds

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