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KangOS v11.3.5 R(11) For Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet

KangOS v11.3.5 | Astro_Boy
Android: 11 (R)
Size (GApps Variant): 1.57 GB
Size (Vanilla Variant): 0.99 GB
Updated: 28/12/’20
By: @mavji007


  • Clean flash is mandatory.
  • Now All The Future Build Will Be By default Encrypted.
  • Recommended Recovery: Pitch Black Recovery UnofficialTo Avoid Any Flashing Issues (Though You Can Use Any Encrypted Supported Recovery)
  • Who Still Want to Be Decrypted They Can Flash Force Encryption Disabler V3 After Flashing Rom File.
  • Flash This Magisk only if root needed.
  • As Many Of You Demanded Vanilla Version Of Rom So With This Release There Will Be Both Variants again.


Source Side:

Device Side:

  • Build By default Encrypted Now
  • Smart Charging Now Fixed
  • Kernel Upstreamed To 4.14.212
  • Adjusted Rounded Corner Properly
  • Updated Graphics, Media, Radio, Gps, Keystore & Gatekeeper Display Blobs
  • Updated ANT, Bluetooth & DRM Stack
  • Enabled Gralloc 4.0
  • Added DSP HAL Service Blobs
  • Boosted Audio Output
  • Tuned Powerhint

KangOS v11.3.5 R(11) For Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet



  • @Joker_V2_0 (for pbtwrp)
  • @tesla59 (for fcryptdisabler v3)
  • @dassubham (for sources)
  • @athuld (for helping)
  • @Terminator090, @Letsflashit (for testing)


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