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Havoc-OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 9S/9 Pro/9 Pro Max/Poco M2 Pro (Miatoll)

Havoc-OS v4.10 Official Update
Date: 17-10-2021
Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S/9 Pro/9 Pro Max/Poco M2 Pro (Miatoll)
Maintainer: Sairam Majgaonkar

Source Changelog:

Havoc-OS v4.10 Changelog 24-10-2021:

  • Merged October Security Patch (android-11.0.0_r46)
  • Merged September Security Patch (android-11.0.0_r43)
  • Added ability to lock apps in recent
  • Added back Screenshot notification
  • Added Battery health
  • Added OxygenOS lock screen clock
  • Added App drawer opacity setting to Launcher
  • Added Local installation support in Updater
  • Added Custom rounded corner settings
  • Added Legacy WFD output video mode settings
  • Added Status bar notification ticker
  • Added New Gaming Mode overlay
  • Added toggle for anti-falsing on the lock screen
  • Added toggle for IME button space
  • Added Preferred refresh rate settings
  • Added One-shot auto-brightness
  • Added FOD press animation
  • Added toggle to hide display cut-out
  • Improved FPS info
  • Improved Charging stats on the lock screen
  • Improved DataSwitchTile
  • Improved Lock screen pulse
  • Improved Type lock screen clock
  • Improved Screen recorder
  • Improved Status bar burn-in protection
  • Improved Twilight Service
  • Improved Night Mode
  • Improved Settings search bar layout
  • Fixed overlays resetting on reboot
  • Fixed package cache errors on user build
  • Fixed Network Traffic visibility on the Status bar
  • Fixed charging vibration for some devices
  • Fixed Screen-off Camera gesture
  • Reduced NotificationHistoryDatabase log spam
  • Restored AOSP Wi-Fi Display
  • Disabled all-caps for smart reply button text
  • Removed random text on some Wi-Fi SSID

Device Changelogs:

  • Initial Build.




  • Clean Flash is recommended.



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