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Havoc-OS with Android 11 For Redmi 6 Pro (Sakura)

Havoc-OS v4.8 Official Update
Date: 07-08-2021
Device: Redmi 6 Pro (sakura)
Maintainer: @mahajant99

Source Changelog:

Havoc-OS v4.8 Changelog 05-08-2021:

  • Merged July and August Security Patch (android-11.0.0_r39/40)
  • Added Hotspot client manager
  • Added Auto-brightness icon to QS footer
  • Improved QS Panel layout in landscape
  • Improved FOD with Assistant on Lockscreen
  • Improved Night Light transition
  • Improved Brightness slider animation
  • Improved touch for captions and ringer button when on landscape
  • Improved scrolling in some apps
  • Improved some UI elements for user fonts
  • Improved vertical padding between QS tiles
  • Spoofed device for a few more Google apps
  • Removed VoLTE slice from MobileDataPanel
  • Fixed Status icons activity crash
  • Fixed Auto-hide clock for right/centre clock positions
  • Fixed Clock icon in Kai, Victor icon packs
  • Fixed wiping dynamic partitions in Havoc-OS Recovery
  • Added Google Search Widget to home screen dock
  • Improved home screen dock padding
  • Fixed Kill App button in recent app sheet
  • Fixed Blur not showing in some scenarios
  • Other fixes and improvements

Device Changelogs:-

  • Convert XiaomiDoze into XiaomiParts
  • Updated various stuff in XiaomiParts
  • Update media stack from Nokia
  • Update Graphics & postprocessing from Nokia
  • Update WFD from Nokia
  • Update CNE from Nokia
  • Update QMI from Nokia
  • Update radio from Nokia
  • Update DPM from Nokia
  • Update Modem from Nokia
  • Update carrier config from Nokia
  • Update Device specific blobs from daisy
  • Import fingerprint HIDL
  • Switched to oss camera hals
  • Fixed ram management
  • Fixed random freezing issue
  • Nuke deprecated stuff & various cleanup
  • Performance and stability improvements




  • Clean Flash is Must.


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