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Havoc 3.11 Gaming For Redmi Note 7/7s (Lavender)

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Havoc 3.11 “Gaming” – UNOFFICIAL | Android 10.
Updated: 30/11/’20


  • Add Viper4Android
  • Add Kimcy Recorder without ads
  • Add Gcam Go
  • Add new Xiaomi parts
  • Add CPU / GPU / TOUCH boost on Xiaomi parts
  • Add thermal game
  • Add GP4 v490 units
  • Add adjustments for optimizations and improvements
  • Add 24-bit audio
  • Add stereo sound
  • Add MI sound
  • Greater smoothing of the system UI
  • Many other optimizations …

Changelog Kernel:

  • Compiled with clang 12
  • Enhanced programmer (enhanced performance)
  • Optimized Proc files (enhanced performance )
  • Corrected battery consumption on restart (test)
  • Reverse Wakelock even more relaxed
  • Increase the cgroup limit to 8 (best performance)
  • overlay.dtsi set minimum RR to 48 hz
  • Offline CPUs corrected (performance drops corrected)
  • Added a lot of Optimized Thermal Thx to @ Peppe289 😍
  • Added acceleration mremap (20x better) – Decrease GPU time limit
  • Added 66Hz
  • Add GPU / CPU / TOUCH boot


  • Based on Zenx-Gaming.
  • Exclusive kernel for this build
  • GApps not included, FlameGApps/NikGApps Recommended.
  • Use Firmware Q.
  • Flash viper drives ( after ROM and gapps(Only if you want to use Viper).
  • Screenshots (

Download: (878MB)


• Thanks to @NotZeetaa for the
• Thermal files and Kernel!
• Thanks to the countless people who tested it!


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