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Get Android 12 For Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max (Sweet)

Pixel 5 SQ1A | Henkei Edition
Status: GSI PORT
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 30/12/’21
By @YakuzaKaze


  • Improve smoothness
  • Removed 4G+ icon
  • Bantom kranul 192
  • Patched MIUI vendor, tint fix for 64mp sweetin are included (need to test)
  • All fixes from previous ports are included below.

Added Features/Mods:

  • These features wouldn’t work without root! Check to flash guide if you don’t wanna root.
  • Enable/Disable fonts system-wide for all apps
  • Adds Icon Styles and Icon Shapes overlays from Android 11
  • Change Fonts options
  • Enable/Disable Combined signal icons
  • Pixel 6 Wallpapers
  • Adds 2 button mode navigation (it was removed on Android 11 but I think some users like that navigation mode, so I add it)
  • Adaptive sound options
  • Navigation bar options (reduce keyboard bottom space size, completely remove NavBar)
  • SystemUI Tuner options
  • Enable/disable dual-tone battery meter (it only works on icon portrait mode)
  • Enable/disable showing the number of unread messages on status bar notifications
  • Reduce Status bar height (and the option to correct left padding on devices with the notch on the left)
  • Option to enable/disable more themed icons on the launcher (some apps don’t have a themed icon so it won’t work for all apps)
  • Enable/Disable left shortcut on the Lock screen
  • Enable/Disable camera shortcut on lock screen
  • Enable/Disable Wifi + Cell QS Tiles instead of single Internet QS Tile 
  • Battery Styles 
  • Clock Customization 
  • Network Traffic Indicators (x)
  • QS Battery percentage independent options (show estimate time remaining or just percentage)
  • Dual-tone Light/Dark themes for QuickSettings Panel and Power Menu
  • Album art on lock screen options
  • Music visualizer options (x)
  • QS Quick pulldown with one finger (options are off, drag from the top left, drag from the top right and drag from anywhere on the top)
  • Revamped Screenshot service (it allows us to delete screenshot as soon as we take it and we can enable/disable screenshot shutter sound)
  • Show/Hide QS Edit icon on QS footer
  • Show/Hide Quick access Developer options icon on QS footer
  • Quick access Rom Control app by long pressing on QS Footer Settings icon
  • Edit Back gesture navigation height 
  • Enable/Disable inverted layout for 2 and 3 button navigation modes 
  • Rom Control app (to set up all these options)

Notes: (x) means buggy (doesn’t work)


  • Crackling sounds (grewal)
  • DT2W (grewal)
  • Fingerprint (grewal)
  • VoLTE (me)
  • sb padding (me)
  • NFC & VPN together (me)
  • Apps Media playing (me/Nippon)
  • Ok Google with voice (me)
  • QS lags/ jitters (me)
  • Added modified launcher (AlexWin)
  • Added 4G+ icon (cool module)
  • Removed Error popup dialogue on every reboot (me)
  • Cleaned up unnecessary GSI stuff (me)
  • Added Game dashboard (me/Nippon)
  • Added CameraGo (me)
  • Added back modded Pixel launcher included with all working features fixed (Millim Nava)
  • Added global rounded corners from GVM
  • Rest are mentioned on the latest version post


  • To prevent “incompatible apps on play store” do not flash magisk in the first place of flashing. Reboot the system & set up your account (do apps restore from play store) then you can flash magisk afterwards.
  • Please keep turning these off (it’ll not working also could make some unwanted issues)
    • Quick tap
    • Now playing
    • Swipe fingerprint
  • The safety net doesn’t pass, you need magisk & modules to pass it.
  • To get balanced sb padding, change dpi to 386 (it’s 360 by default) or higher dpi (results with smaller looks).
  • Use the GMS Doze module to get more bb especially while idle.
  • Please don’t disable camera Go, it used to be needed for some google apps to works.
  • For gcam, I always use trCamera (based on Nikita) all features are working fine.
  • If you lost at a glance whether, try this fix;
    • enable location
    • open google maps or any apps that trigger GPS
    • put google weather widget on any home screen
    • it should be fine now.
  • If you face Ok google not working, try this fix:
    • make sure you already turned voice assistant on and retrain your voice.
    • if still not working, tap & hold the google app in the apps drawer then tap to microphone permission access.
    • make sure it is enabled, if it is already then disable it but don’t go anywhere.
    • trigger assistant by swiping up from down corner (it’ll ask for mic permission)
    • grant it
    • try to say Ok google on any screen (it should be fine now)

Flashing Guide:

  • Reboot recovery
  • Flash ROM
  • Format data by typing “yes”
  • Reboot system
  • To prevent “incompatible apps on play store” do not flash magisk in the first place of flashing. Reboot system & setup your account, do apps restore etc. then you can flash magisk afterwards (needed for ROM control app)
  • If you don’t wanna root, just do setup first in the ROM control app as you wish after the above process. Then simply uninstall magisk nor reflash boot.img from extracted this ROM zip. Keep that in mind, you can’t change/ modify the ROM control app anymore since the app needs root access.




  • All Developers and testers.
  • @grewal for DT2W and sounds fix
  • @Vantom && @redline_soee for kernel
  • @Thypuz_XDA for Pixel mods

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