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Get Android 12 For Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max (Sweet)

Pixel 5 SQ1A GSI | Henkei Edition
Status: GSI PORT
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 02/02/’22
By @YakuzaKaze


  • Pixel Mods update, adds more customization
  • Fixed incompatible apps issue on play store when magisk installed
  • Bantom kranul 196
  • Misc. fixes

Added Features/Mods:

  • Added option to disable double line clock on the lock screen and AOD (adapted from A12L)
  • Force accent color on ripple animation while unlocking with fingerprint
  • Added option to disable the circle background on lock screen fingerprint icon (it only does anything on devices that have it, obviously)
  • Reduced padding between brightness slider and QS Tiles on both QS and QQS
  • Reduced the gradient effect stroke thickness on brightness slider and icon
  • Fix battery percent text inside left landscape battery mode
  • Removed user icon that became always present, on both AOD and lock screen
  • Fix brightness slider icon sometimes being white when it shouldn’t be
  • Added 27 more fonts
  • Added one more icon pack
  • Added 5 QS Tiles styles
  • Use vibrate tick instead of vibrate pattern on QS tiles touches (when the option is enabled, obviously)
  • Updated Kai icon pack signal icons (added a fix for carriers using 5 bars of signal)
  • Updated ROM Control app


  • This GSI was made by the Nippon GSI channel.
  • ROM came with a patched MIUI vendor.
  • To prevent “incompatible apps on the play store” do not flash magisk in the first place of flashing. Reboot the system & set up your account then you can flash magisk if you need root.
  • As is written down in the changelog, not all Pixel exclusive features working on this port as you know why.
  • Please keep turning these off (it’ll not working also could make some unwanted issues)
    1. Quick tap
    2. Now playing
    3. Swipe fingerprint
  • The safety net doesn’t pass, you need magisk & modules to pass it (check on support group).
  • Use the GMS Doze module to get more bb especially while idle.
  • Please don’t disable camera Go, it used to be needed for some google apps to works.
  • For gcam, I always use trCamera (based on Nikita) all features are working fine.
  • If you lost at glance weather, try this fix;
    1. enable location
    2. open google maps or any apps that trigger GPS
    3. put google weather widget on any home screen
    4. it should be fine now.
  • If you face Ok google not working, try this fix;
    1. make sure you already turned voice assistant on and retrain your voice.
    2. if still not working, tap & hold google app in apps drawer then tap to microphone permission access.
    3. make sure it is enabled, if it is already then disable it but don’t go anywhere.
    4. trigger assistant by swiping up from down corner (it’ll ask for mic permission)
    5. grant it
    6. try to say Ok google on any screen (it should be fine now)

Flashing Guide:

  • Reboot recovery
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash Magisk (v24.1 recommended)
  • Flash Partitions remover zip
  • Format data by typing “yes”
  • Reboot system
  • Partitions remover zip is needed to delete product & system_ex partitions (since GSI have different both partitions mount) to prevent any issues.
  • Magisk/root needed for ROM control app (Pixel mods) to work. But, if you don’t wanna root, just do setup first in the ROM control app as you wish after the above process. Then simply uninstall magisk nor reflash boot.img from extracted this ROM zip. Keep that in mind, you can’t change/ modify the ROM control app anymore since the app needs root access.




  • All Developers and testers.
  • @nnippon for GSI
  • @grewal for DT2W and sounds fix
  • @Vantom && @redline_soee for kernel
  • @ThypuzXDA for Pixel mods

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