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Evolution X with Android 12 For Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia)

Evolution X v6.0 Snow
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 2021-01-01
File size: 1.85 GB
By: Joey Huab


Evolution X v6.0 Snow::

  • Add button to AppErrorDialog to upload crash information to hastebin
  • Bluetooth: Check AdapterService instance before getState
  • Bring back our Papers app
  • Camera: Ignore torch status update for aux or composite camera
  • Evolver: Add Ambient Edge Pulse style
  • Evolver: Add a toggle for secure tiles on keyguard
  • Evolver: Add adjustable Ambient Edge light width
  • Evolver: Adjust Monet settings intervals
  • Evolver: Allow toggling screen off FOD
  • Evolver: Ambient Music Ticker – Allow to pulse on new tracks
  • Evolver: Ambient Pulse Light: Add layout style for top and bottom
  • Evolver: Bring back adaptive icon shape customization
  • Evolver: Burn-In Protection: Add enable and interval switches
  • Evolver: Fix the call indicator toggle
  • Evolver: Introduce Battery Landscape | Left Battery Text
  • Evolver: Introduce Custom Status bar Signal & Wi-Fi icons
  • Evolver: Make FOD haptic feedback optional
  • Evolver: Move three-fingers-swipe to screenshot to Settings > System > Gestures
  • Evolver: NotificationLights: Add reverse animation direction
  • Evolver: Power Menu: On-The-Go Mode
  • Evolver: Pulse edge light for all doze triggers
  • Evolver: Refactor how we display the VoLTE/VoWiFi icons
  • Evolver: Remove CPU info toggle, Power Menu torch and Flashlight Blink options
  • Evolver: Remove unwanted VoLTE/VoWiFi icons
  • Fix deadlock issue
  • Fix lock screen wallpaper not being set if different from the Home one
  • InputDispatcher: allow to intercept a specific event key
  • MediaArtworkProcessor: Use less zoom & alpha on keyguard
  • PixelPropUtils: remove spoofing for currently supported Pixels
  • QuickStatusBarHeader: Tap battery icon to open battery settings
  • Settings: Add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi timeout features
  • Settings: Drop custom preferenceFragmentCompatStyle
  • Settings: Fix hardcoded black text in storage summary
  • Settings: Make overlays persistent across reboots
  • Settings: ProgressCategory: update title style for consistency
  • Settings: Set device name from marketname if available
  • Settings: Show About phone instead of Android version in header
  • Settings: Switch to Lottie animation for screenshot gesture
  • Settings: Switch to VERSION.INCREMENTAL instead of FINGERPRINT
  • Settings: Use framework text colors for SwitchBar
  • Settings: Whitelist WRITE_DEVICE_CONFIG permission
  • SystemUI: Allow overriding feature flags on release builds
  • SystemUI: Always refresh power menu on UI mode change
  • SystemUI: Edge lighting code improvements
  • SystemUI: Fix battery saver layout
  • SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in power menu
  • SystemUI: Hide more tuner preferences on production builds
  • SystemUI: Make emergency button less prominent in global actions
  • SystemUI: NetworkTraffic: Remove screen on/off triggers
  • SystemUI: Reduce scrim color animation duration to 375 ms
  • SystemUI: Remove Battery saver tile from sensitive QS tiles
  • SystemUI: Require unlocking to use sensitive QS tiles
  • SystemUI: UdfpsController: make sure to continue with onAcquired even when pulsing
  • SystemUI: Update icon for Heads up tile
  • SystemUI: Use Monet colors for power menu
  • SystemUI: set proper height and width for vibrate icon drawable
  • Update translations
  • Updater: Add missing localbroadcastmanager dependency
  • Updater: Move to /system_ext
  • Updater: Update framework lib
  • Updater: Update gradle version
  • Updater: Update to sdk 31
  • WiredAccessoryManager: Update display port device index
  • WiredAccessoryManager: Update stream index assignment
  • WiredAccessoryManager: use dev index from UEventInfo to form devPath
  • base: Add WRITE_APN_SETTINGS and PREVENT_POWER_KEY Permissions for SystemUI
  • base: Less boring HeadsUp: allow any sms/dialer app set as default by user
  • base: Redesign seekbar
  • base: limit direct share targets to reduce lag
  • camera2: Add methods for backward compatibility
  • camera: Skip HFR checks for privileged apps
  • configure same GID based APNs as per carrier requirements
  • core: Update to new API endpoint for hastebin
  • device_config: Cleanup some configs imported from ProtonAOSP
  • evolution: Update the default wallpaper
  • fixup! base: HeadsUp blacklists/stoplists
  • fixup! base: HeadsUp notification timeout
  • libmedia_jni: Changing MediaPlayer RefBase object creation as per RefBase recommendation
  • libui: Allow extension of valid gralloc 1.0 buffer usage bits
  • overlays: don’t let notch/holes overlays to overlay QS
  • usbaudio: handle sample rate overrides in proxy_prepare()

Device changes:

  • Synched with latest source changes
  • December Security Patch & Fingerprint
  • Enforcing build
  • Fixed screenshot
  • Fixed screen recorder


  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • Based on R-OSS
  • Gapps are included




  • All Testers and Developers.
  • @SahilSonar & @TheMalachite for Trees.

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