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Evolution X with Android 12 For Poco X3 Pro (Vayu)

Evolution X v6.0 Snow
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 2021-12-29

ROM changes:

Evolution X v6.0 Snow::

  • December Security Patch
  • Bumped to 6.0 Snow
  • Allow changing monet settings from The Evolver
  • Evolver: AODSchedule: Add support for mixed time & sun modes
  • Evolver: Adapt master switch layout to A12
  • Evolver: Add Ambient Edge Lighting settings
  • Evolver: Add DND & Rate settings to flash on call
  • Evolver: Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls
  • Evolver: Add back theming stuff
  • Evolver: Allow hiding notification headers
  • Evolver: Allow scheduling always-on display
  • Evolver: Allow to flash on-call only when entirely silent
  • Evolver: Clean up power menu options
  • Fix an issue in NPMS blockedReasons computation logic
  • Fix the case where restricted mode allowed reasons are ignored
  • PixelPropsUtils: Spoof Pixel XL for Google Photos
  • PixelPropsUtils: Whitelist Google Dialer
  • Re-implement Volume Long Press Skip Tracks feature
  • Screen record: Update custom settings dialog drawables
  • Settings: Allow customizing volume dialog timeout
  • Settings: Allow hiding navbar
  • Settings: Improve OverlayCategoryPreferenceController for icon packs
  • Settings: Make font overlay persistent across reboots
  • Settings: OverlayCategoryPreferenceController: Sort overlays by name
  • Settings: allow changing the length of gesture navbar
  • SystemUI: Don’t confuse rotation with orientation
  • SystemUI: Fix NetworkTraffic UI on expanded QS
  • SystemUI: Use DT2W setting also to wake from AOD
  • SystemUI: Use new privacy indicators for location
  • TtsEngines: avoid crashes caused by null engine name
  • base: TtsEngines: fix yet another NPE
  • fonts: Redo custom fonts
  • fonts: update with SD1A Raven
  • overlays: declare the right overlay category
  • styles: Use user fonts for Material UI themes
  • ActivityThread: Remove Failed to find provider info log spam
  • Allow additional padding for centre clock
  • Camera: Fix the memory leak caused during HFR mode
  • Evolver: Add VoWiFi icon support
  • Evolver: Add ability to toggle Bluetooth battery level
  • Evolver: Add case to quick pull-down status bar anywhere
  • Evolver: Add optional VoWiFi icon styles
  • Evolver: Allow hiding call strength icons
  • Evolver: Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if the screen is on
  • NavigationBar: Prevent a rare crash
  • NetworkProviderSettings: Prevent Wifi Manager NPE
  • NotificationPanelViewController: Fix DT2S gesture handling
  • NotificationPanelViewController: set FLAG_IMMUTABLE for edge lightning
  • PackageInfo: Optimize ApplicationInfo creation
  • Permissions: Grant Mediascanner access permissions to external storage
  • PixelPropsUtils: Invite streaming apps to the party
  • PixelPropsUtils: Spoof Pixel XL for Samsung wearables
  • PowerUI: Mute logcat spam
  • QSPanel: Don’t crash when not using the media player
  • Reduce NotificationHistoryDatabase log spam
  • Settings: Add custom vibration intensity preferences
  • Settings: Align user avatar with homepage title
  • Settings: Bring back Double-tap to trigger doze
  • Settings: DoubleTapGesture: Use new material-you illustration preference
  • Settings: Improve protected sensitive info in about phone
  • Settings: Make Quick Unlock compatible with long PIN/Password
  • Settings: VolumeMusicControl: Use new material-you illustration preference
  • SystemUI: Fix NPE in NotificationPanelViewController
  • SystemUI: Fix signal bar icon overlay issue
  • SystemUI: No longer use DT2W setting to wake from AOD (resolves battery drain issues)
  • SystemUI: Reduce screenshot dismiss delay to 2 seconds
  • SystemUI: Restart SystemUI on changing combined signal icons
  • SystemUI: Update keyguard clock metrics for GSans Clock font
  • SystemUI: follow color surface for alert slider background
  • SystemUI: theme: Override modulated dark QS background-colour
  • SystemUI: updated Bluetooth icons from oos
  • SystemUI: use google sans font for lockscreen clock (requires GSans Magisk module)
  • SystemUIGoogle: Update from SQ1D.211205.016.A1
  • Toast: fix layer leak
  • ViewRootImpl:Fix CountDownLatch.await block
  • config: Disable Async MTE on System Server
  • core: check if the logical light is null before using it
  • device_config: Import missing configs from ProtonAOSP
  • device_config: Show setting to disable location indicators
  • device_config: Update Live Caption configs for Pixel 6
  • fwb: silence statx boot spam
  • overlay: SystemUI: Use Monet colors for power menu
  • remove duplicate hide battery feature from tuner
  • services: fonts: use a simple sha512 hash-based file verification system
  • time detector: Disable lower bound check
  • vendor: Add custom grayscale icons and maps for PixelLauncher
  • vendor: apns: Add auth_type explanation
  • vendor: apns: Correct Telia
  • vendor: apns: Fix wrong IPV4 protocols
  • vendor: apns: Remove unused “spn” attribute
  • vendor: charger: Import latest offline charging animation
  • Update translations

Device Changelog:

  • Adapt DeviceParts to S style
  • (Ambient Display, Thermal Profiles, Touch Control, Dirac, Clear Speaker, Haptic Level, and LCD Features)
  • DeviceParts Improvements
  • Remove KCAL Support (We are using Colors setting from ROM instead)
  • Update some sepolicy and overlay
  • Update to December Redfin FP build and desc.
  • Import QTI Perf learning module configs
  • Add custom boost extension for scroll handling
  • Add custom mode extension for handling app launch
  • Update mi thermald from V12.5.7.0.RJUMIXM
  • Many other changes

Kernel Changelog:

  • Using Chaldea as the default kernel
  • Merged to 4.14.258
  • Merged Latest CAF LA.UM.9.1.r1-11400-SMxxx0.0
  • Merged Audio driver from CAF LA.UM.9.1.r1-11400-SMxxx0.0
  • Switch Touchscreen firmware to V12.5.5.0.RJUIDXM prod for more stability
  • Resync event emmiter to the stock MiCode on Touchscreen
  • Bring back <60 values from dfps list
  • Compiled with AOSP Clang
  • Many other changes


  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • SafetyNet passed (without Magisk).
  • Already include GApps, no need to flash GApps again.
  • Always backup ur data before flashing ROM to avoid any cases.
  • Need to Clean Flash if you are from Android 11.
  • This build will boot with Dirty Flash from previous build, but I will suggest you to Clean Flash, bcz I made many changes in this build.
  • You can use any firmware version, 12.0.X or 12.5.X doesn’t matter, it will boot. Choose your favorite firmware.
  • If you ask my firmware version, I’m using V12.0.1.0-RJUIDXM (the old one from Indonesian region).




  • All Testers and Developers.
  • Thanks to @kubersharma001 for his trees
  • Thanks to @nullxception for his awesome kernel
  • Thanks to @fryevia, @alanndz, @Vrasteizz, and @Suzurui for their help
  • Thanks to @GengKapak for their support
  • Thanks to all my tester

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