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Evolution X with Android 11 For Redmi K30 Pro/Poco F2 Pro (lmi)

Evolution X v5.9.1
Device: Redmi K30 Pro/POCO F2 Pro (lmi)
by Akito Mizukito
Version: Eleven
Build date: 12 Aug 2021
File size: 2 GB

ROM changes:

  • Evolver: Introduce Brightness slider styles
  • Evolver: Re-implement toggle to hide lock icon on lock screen
  • LockIcon: Don’t center on bouncer
  • AudioSystem: startAudioSource: ensure port handle initialized
  • BatteryMeterView: make sure to update battery text
  • MediaCarouselController: update background when settings are changed
  • Evolver: Add simple fade filter to the media artwork
  • base: Set ic_avatar_user and ic_avatar_guest_user to follow system accent
  • keyguard: Fix null text on 12 clock after dismissing media
  • vendor: Remove OPScreenRecord
  • Alert Slider: check for existing dialog before creating new
  • KeyStore: Prevent NPE with trust manager service
  • Evolver: Add Rounded Corner styles
  • Settings: Create new preview for dark theme styles
  • Settings: Update Security Settings drawables from Android 12
  • require unlocking to use hotspot quick tile
  • require unlocking to use work mode tile
  • soong: move header override to compiler.go
  • telephony: show ICCID by default for all
  • AndroidSDP3ClockController: fix IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Settings: ColorBucketPreference: Nuke SettingsObserver
  • SystemUI: Left align AOD notifications when required
  • fixup! SystemUI: Left align owner info on some clocks
  • fixup! keyguard: Introduce Android 12 ShapeShift clock
  • AppLock: Fix biometric prompt disappearing if app launched from resolver
  • Evolver: Replace media notification background with artwork
  • FODCircleView: Don’t show on top of assistant UI
  • FODCircleView: Ignore assistant UI when showing bouncer
  • Improvements to QS player background artwork
  • SystemUI: ditch unnecessary scaling in media notification background
  • base: Match NFC statusbar icon with QS one
  • display: Make Night Light transition more gradual
  • keyguard: Introduce new Android 12 clock
  • keyguard: Left align lock icon when required
  • ClockertinoClock: Add time refresh capabilities on AoD
  • DataUsageView: Improvements and clean up
  • Settings: Add preference for preferred refresh rate
  • Settings: Move refresh rate settings into a separate fragment
  • Settings: display: Add wake on plug switch
  • SystemUI: Add ability to change font style for new clocks
  • SystemUI: Fix volume panel animation when on left side
  • VibratorService: bypass AppOps check
  • ZipUtils: use FileChannel#size
  • overlays: Add an OxygenOS icon pack
  • telephony: Make IMS method updateToState accessible
  • InterruptionStateProvider: disable debugging
  • Merge August 2021 Android security patches
  • MiuiCompact Panel: Add alarm volume slider
  • PixelPropsUtils: Update to August 2021 fingerprint

Device changes:

  1. Optimization
    • Increased system stability
    • Reduced system lag
  2. System
    • Stable Evolution X based on Android 11
    • Updated Android Security Patch to August 2021. Increased system security.
    • FOD: Improved performance and user experience
    • FOD: Initial Implementation (experimental) of screen off FOD
    • Motor: Improve the overall experience
    • Pick-up: Initial Implementation (experimental), check it out at Display -> Ambient Display
  3. Display
    • Improve overall experience
  4. Security
    • Kernel: Upstreamed kernel, increased system security
    • WiFi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth, Internet Calling
    • Improve overall experience
  5. Others
    • Latest Evolution X source


  • Clean flash is recommended




  • All Developers and Testers.


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