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Evolution X with Android 13 For Realme 7 Pro (RMX2170)

Evolution X v7.0 Eve | OFFICIAL

  • Device: Realme 7 Pro (RMX2170)
  • Version: 13
  • Build date: 28-08-2022
  • File size: 1.88 GB
  • By: Mayur Varde


Evolution X v7.0 Eve:

  • August 2022 security patches.
  • Evolver: Add Hide Status bar on Lock screen toggle
  • Evolver: Allow enabling compact layout of the navigation bar
  • Evolver: Custom logo customizations
  • Fix Wakelock issue
  • Hide the “Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar” setting
  • Port “Battery Usage Alerts” feature from factory images
  • PreviewInflater: Fix issue with google dialer widget on the keyguard
  • QS: Add Music QS Tile
  • QuickStatusBarHeader: Fix clickability issue with privacy indicator
  • Settings: Add hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
  • Settings: Add pocket lock toggle
  • Settings: Add preference for toggling the wallpaper zooming animation
  • Settings: Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
  • Settings: DevicePicker: Adapt to S style
  • Settings: Display auto-rotate settings instead of toggle
  • Settings: Fixup start padding for battery usage graph
  • Settings: Long press to copy wifi password
  • Settings: Observe auto brightness mode changes
  • Settings: Remove divider from Battery Manager
  • Settings: Smart Charging
  • Settings: Update package details to match S style
  • Settings: Use List Preference for NightLight settings
  • Settings: Use font configs instead of fonts directly
  • Settings: check the wifi direct feature for showing preferences
  • Settings: move the Extra Dim feature to display
  • SoftAp: add Hidden SSID preference
  • SoftAp: add client manager
  • SystemUI: Add VPN tile
  • SystemUI: Switch notification background to monet on heads up
  • Turn off carrier provisioning by default to allow tethering
  • Wire up default fonts with font engine
  • base: Do not reset the keyguard going away state
  • base: Use font configs instead of hardcoded fonts
  • development: Enable force resizable activities by default
  • development: Enable freeform windows by default
  • pocket lock: Increase to 15 sec the pocket lock screen

Device changes:

  • Initial Android 13 build.


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Testers and Developers.


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