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Evolution X with Android 13 For OnePlus 8T (Kebab)

Evolution X v7.3
Device: OnePlus 8T (kebab)
by Anierin Bliss
Version: 13
Build date: 13-11-2022
File size: 2.06 GB

ROM changes:

Evolution X v7.3:

  • Merge November 2022 security patches
  • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to November 2022 release
  • Settings: Remove offsets from Evo X logo
  • SystemUI: Add VPNTethering tile
  • SystemUI: Check whether the selected WFD route is available
  • apns: Added IA APN types to all default type APNs
  • apns: Format xml spacing
  • core: Treat reboot boot mode same as normal one
  • fixup! Do not dismiss keyguard after SIM PUK unlock
  • version: Uprev to 7.3
  • Settings: Allow disabling clipboard overlay
  • Settings: Ambient Music Ticker – Allow to pulse on new tracks
  • TrafficStats: Stop the spam
  • Update various corner radiuses to align with AOSP apps
  • PixelPropsUtils: Get package name from context instead of app
  • camera: Allow extending aux list/excludelist
  • AlertWindowNotification: Correctly load app label
  • Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar
  • AmbientIndicationContainer: Fix possible NPE
  • Fix NPE when finishing remote animation
  • Fix screen unpinning text on devices that have gestures on fp sensor
  • SettingsGoogle: Update resources from cheetah
  • SystemUIGoogle: Update resources from cheetah
  • lmkd: fix the cgroup attribute name to MemCgroupEventControl
  • reTicker: Do not jump to app when clicked in games
  • vendor: rro_overlays: Update from cheetah

Device changes:

  • OPlusExtras: Add support for per-app colorspace feature (requires an updated apk for now)
  • Switch NexusLauncherRelease cert to platform
  • kernel: aw8697: Drop OPLUS_HAPTIC_OOS changes for setting vmax to 100-109
  • aidl: vibrator: Redo effects and vibrator timeout handling
  • BatteryStatsService: limit logspam
  • Evolver: Make combined signal icons configurable at runtime
  • Fix for NullPointerException in SmsMessage
  • Fix long press skip track changing volume issue
  • Fix potential crash when exit splash screen
  • Settings: Fix potential crash in AppAllServicesPreferenceController
  • Syncronize framework and ImsStack operation for ImsFeatureStatusCallback
  • SystemUI: Disable clock auto hide feature for QS
  • SystemUI: Perform soft reboot when enabling combined signal icons
  • SystemUI: Remove Bluetooth dialog
  • Use a better implementation for hide IME space feature
  • base: Make NavigationBar to use Hidden IME Space only on gesture bar
  • Update translations
  • sepolicy: vendor: Allow Bluetooth APEX to work with GMS
  • GameSpace: Long click Settings icon to open Settings Dashboard
  • GameSpace: Notify in-coming call number when receiving/rejecting call
  • GameSpace: Port auto answer/reject calls feature
  • Sync sepolicy-legacy-um and sepolicy_vndr-legacy-um changes from LOS


  • Clean flash is recommended




  • All Developers and Testers.


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