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Evolution X with Android 13 For OnePlus 8 Pro (Instantnoodlep)

Evolution X v7.1
Device: OnePlus 8 Pro (instantnoodlep)
by Anierin Bliss
Version: 13
Build date: 25-09-22
File size: 2.05 GB

ROM changes:

Evolution X v7.1:

  • Merge September 2022 security patches
  • version: Uprev to 7.1
  • Evolver: Bring back GameSpace
  • Bring back additional Screen recorder options
  • Bring back per-app volume
  • Evolver: Bring back click to take a partial screenshot
  • Evolver: Bring back daily data usage in the QS footer
  • Evolver: Bring back reTicker
  • Evolver: Bring back status bar battery styles
  • Evolver: Bring back status bar clock options
  • Evolver: Bring back volume rocker wake
  • Evolver: Re-introduce Smart Pulldown
  • Evolver: Introduce the status bar and QS clock size feature
  • Settings: Add preference for one-shot auto-brightness
  • Settings: Bring back IME space
  • Keyguard: don’t use a large clock on the landscape
  • QS: LocationTile: make it cycle modes
  • Settings: Add option to cycle through ringer modes
  • Download: Add support to manually pause/resume download
  • Evolver: Add back Lockscreen Charging info
  • Evolver: Add back support for window ignore secure
  • Settings: Add toggle to enable ADB root
  • Settings: Improve gesture bar length option
  • SystemUI: Add AOD QS tile
  • SystemUI: Add bootloader option to ‘Reboot’ tile
  • SystemUI: Introduce Data Switch QS Tile
  • SystemUI: Require unlocking to use Reboot tile
  • Evolver: Allow disabling QS battery estimates
  • SystemUI: Remove Music QS Tile
  • Settings: Add back increasing ring feature
  • Settings: Add switch for linked ring and media notification volumes
  • Evolver: Bring back double tap/long press power to toggle the torch
  • Evolver: Bring back QQS brightness slider options
  • SystemUI: Make the volume dialog expandable
  • Forward port LiveDisplay

Device changes:

  • instantnoodlep: Add support for wireless warp charge detection
  • instantnoodlep: Add wlchgmonitor (fixes wireless charging speeds)
  • Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission
  • SystemUI: Allow UdfpsAnimations to work with multiple resolutions
  • Evolver: UDFPS: Bring back customization options
  • Settings: Add sim status listener in about phone
  • Settings: Call CardDatabaseHelper.getInstance() when used and not in onCreate
  • Settings: Fix ExtraText lint errors
  • Settings: Fix SIM name in Network Details to show the selected SIM
  • SystemUI: Fix QS customizer corner radius
  • Do not preload ThreadLocalRandom class
  • Evolver: Bring back OOS style notification clear all button feature
  • Evolver: Bring back QS footer icon visibilities
  • QSPanel: Fix NPE in updateViewPositions()
  • PixelPropsUtils: Fix issue with text select and copy
  • Settings: Move screen off UDFPS toggle to security lock screen settings
  • SystemUI: Show battery level for all devices
  • SystemUI: Refactor status bar bluetooth icon
  • SystemUI: Use red color for low bluetooth battery
  • gms: Add RECORD_AUDIO permission to googlequicksearchbox
  • Calm down attention service logspam
  • Evolver: Bring back privacy indicators toggles
  • NfcA: Fix an NPE in constructor
  • PixelPropsUtils: bring back all changes from Build.FINGERPRINT to Build.TIME
  • Settings: Add missing summary for Display size and text
  • Settings: PowerUsageSummary: open advanced usage on header click
  • SystemUI: Add missing init for isDeviceProvisioned in PhoneStatusBarPolicy
  • SystemUI: Bring back ic_qs_bluetooth_connected.xml
  • SystemUI: Get rid of unnecessary broadcast for IMS
  • SystemUI: Kill old privacy indicator icons completely
  • SystemUI: Use ImsStateCallback instead of FeatureConnector


  • Clean flash is recommended




  • All Developers and Testers.


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