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Evolution X with Android 11 For Moto G 100/Edge S (Nio)

Evolution X | 5.9.2 Sanctuary Unofficial
Devices: Motorola Edge S/ Moto G¹⁰⁰
Codename: Nio
Date: 2021/09/29
Android: 11
SELinux: Enforcing
GApps: Included
Security Patch: September 2021
Maintainer: @beetle84

ROM changes:

  • Evolver: Add seekbar for Left/Right statusbar Paddings
  • LockPatternView: Fix a11y+BiometricPrompt related OOB exception
  • EdgeBackGestureHandler: use tick instead of heavy tick for back gesture
  • Evolver: Add left and right virtual buttons while typing (for old navbar layout)
  • Evolver: Add toggle for floating notification dismiss button
  • Evolver: GamingMode: Add option to disable menu overlay
  • Evolver: Launch EasterEgg activity when the logo is clicked in about section
  • Evolver: Move rounded corners back to the Themes category
  • Evolver: Remove toggle to disable charging animation
  • Evolver: Reorganize and add dividers
  • Fix some haptic issues with gestural navigation
  • GamingMode: Fix danmaku container layoutParam on config changed
  • GamingMode: Fix views obscuring another window that needs interaction
  • GamingMode: Mark date/time format strings as non-translatable
  • KeyguardSlice: Fix ticker appearing for a split second on lock screen
  • PixelPropsUtils: Remove some packages
  • PixelPropsUtils: bring Samsung accessory service to the list
  • SamsungHighlightclock: fix updating wallpaper color when wallpaper changes
  • Settings: Add our Easter Egg into our ROM version preference
  • Settings: Combine Double Tap settings into a single fragment
  • Settings: Improve A12-styled Search bar layout
  • Settings: Make IME button space optional
  • Settings: Make navbar visibility tweaks more distinct
  • Settings: Refactor firmware version window
  • SystemUI: Bring back the AOSP Cellular tile icon
  • SystemUI: Fix stuttering/jank related to media player control buttons
  • SystemUI: LyricTicker: Follow status bar padding
  • SystemUI: Reorder default QS Tiles
  • SystemUI: Ticker: Follow status bar padding
  • SystemUI: Update battery info every second when the device is charging

Device changes:

  • New Moto Actions – FP gestures and Assistant button remapping.
  • Refresh rate settings enabled.
  • Adaptive charging enabled.
  • Status bar network traffic fixed.


  • Clean flash is recommended




  • All Developers and Testers.
  • Special thanks to electimon for his help and the vendor_boot.img, and Vache and Nift4 for the Moto Actions.


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