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Evolution X with Android 12 For Mi 10T/10T Pro (Apollo)

Evolution X v6.0 Snow
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 2022-01-10
File size: 2.04 GB
By: Ahmed Tohamy (Agmad)


Evolution X v6.0 Snow::

  • Change protocol from IPV6 to IP for Telus
  • Evolver: Port brightness slider changes
  • Evolver: allow toggling location privacy indicator
  • MediaDataManager: use a safe cast to avoid NPE
  • PixelPropUtils: Update redfin fp to January 2022
  • Settings: Bring back DarkMode/ColorBucket
  • Settings: DarkMode: Improve DarkMode/ColorBucket handling
  • SystemUI: Apply monet to fingerprint authentication ripple animation
  • SystemUI: allow devices to override audio panel location
  • SystemUIGoogle: Add HIGH_SAMPLING_RATE_SENSORS permission for Columbus
  • Update SystemUIGoogle
  • Update overlays from SQ1A.220105.002
  • WifiDisplaySource: allow overriding max wfd resolution with prop
  • build: Always use release-keys (might fix root detection on some banking apps)
  • common: allow media server to get media_wfd_prop
  • fixup! Ambient music: pulse on new music tracks and Now Playing info
  • graphics: Override system fonts with user-selected overlays
  • libs: PipTaskOrganizer: do not start fade-out animation for pip if surface control leash is null
  • services: WindowOrientationListener: bail out if rotation resolver service instance is null

Device changes:

  • Initial build.


  • Clean flash is recommended




  • All Developers and Testers.


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