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DotOS with Android 11 For Oneplus 5T (Dumpling)

New DotOS Release

  • Build Name:
  • Device: Oneplus 5T (dumpling)
  • Maintainer: Karthik N
  • Build Date: October 08, 2021 06:55:20
  • Android Version: 11.0
  • Size: 733.45 MB (vanilla) | 1.13 GB (gapps)

Source Changelog:

Dot OS v5.2 – September 2021:

  • September Security patches (Android11 r45)
  • Fixed SystemUI crashes when the device is in the landscape.
  • Removed colored status bar icons feature
  • Added new APNs.
  • Fixed OTA incompatibility issue
  • Updated translations from crowdin
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Stability and underhood improvements
  • Improved Brightness levels for Oneplus devices

MonetWannabe 2.2

  • Rebased theme engine to latest kdrag0n’s ZCAM implementation (Way better color generation)
  • Added Wallpaper Color picker support
  • Added Theme Colorfulness control
  • Added Theme Brightness control
  • Added independent Palette of colors for both homescreen and lockscreen wallpapers
  • Added support for global Monet support (Customizations, Settings, SystemUI, core elements etc)
  • Cleaned-up code
  • Moved color generation to SystemUI thread

Revamped Customizations app

  • Almost completely redesigned to ensure a better UX
  • Implemented Wallpaper Scheduling
  • Added Monet support

Added Game Dashboard

  • Implemented Gaming Mode but with a better UI and UX
  • Implemented an early version of ‘Quick Control’ a floating pill with handy controls while you’re gaming

Added Battery Manager

  • Initially based on Buoy – a battery saver profile customization app
  • Moved here everything that’s battery related
  • Added Battery Saver Profiles
  • Added Battery Saver Profile customization
  • Added Smart Charge
  • Added Smart Cut-off


  • Added Privacy Dashboard
  • Added Monet support
  • Redesigned Dark Mode preview
  • Redesigned Dashboard icons
  • Slightly improved About Device Cards
  • Fixed scroll issues in some parts of the Settings


  • Added low resolution Screen Recording option
  • Added Partial screenshot
  • Added Compass Quick Settings Tile
  • Added Reboot, Recovery, Power Off Quick Settings Tile
  • Fixed lag when using ‘Data Usage’ option in QSPanel
  • Removed drag pill in QSPanel
  • Implemented A12 Beta 4 Media Control Panel
  • Added monet support for notifications and qs buttons
  • Improved space in Collapsed QSPanel and in Customizer (add/remove/move tiles menu)
  • Implemented A12 Pin/Model Lockscreen security design (+monet support)
  • Implemented new A12 like default Lockscreen Clock
  • Rebased FOD implementation for better stability
  • Redesigned Volume Panel for monet support
  • Redesigned Quick Panels for monet support

System Updates

  • Added monet support
  • Added device changelog support

Permission Dialogs

  • Slightly improved design
  • Added monet support

AOSP Calculator

  • Redesigned and added monet support



  • Clean flash Recommended.



  • All Developers and Testers.


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