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DerpFest with Android 13 For Mi Note 10 Lite (Toco)

DerpFest 13 Tango | Official
Android: 13
Device: Mi Note 10 Lite (Toco)
Maintainer: @DennisMurimiWachira
Build Date: 2022-09-26

Source Changelog:

DerpFest 13 – Android 13:

  • Merge September Security patch (android-13.0.0_r4)
  • Add a black theme switch for dark mode options
  • Add back all Icon Packs, Fonts, etc
  • Add back our GameSpace
  • Add PixelPropsUtils for unlimited photos
  • Add Smartspace port
  • Add Advanced reboot
  • Add Live-Display support
  • Add Swipe to screenshot
  • Enable Quick to unlock by default
  • Enable Color picker in ThemePicker
  • Make the volume dialog expandable
  • Add per-app volume
  • Allow to always show settings in volume dialog
  • Add reTicker options
  • Add Google Sound Search tile
  • Add dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
  • Allow using 4G icon instead LTE
  • Add Option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon
  • Add old-style mobile data indicators switch
  • Allow disabling qs on secure lock screen
  • Add Hide power menu on secure lock screen switch
  • Allow user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock
  • Add Screen off animations options
  • Implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
  • Allow hiding arrow for back gesture
  • Add Status network traffic options
  • Add toggle for Lockscreen Media Art
  • Add clock position options
  • Add clock AM/PM style options
  • Add clock seconds switch
  • Add battery icon options
  • Add brightness slider options
  • Add Live Volume Steps preference
  • Add Statusbar brightness control
  • Add Volume key cursor control
  • Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls options
  • Add Incall vibration options
  • Add Adaptive Playback aka Smart Pause
  • Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
  • Add Toast icon switch
  • Add Less boring heads up option
  • Add Option to add kill button to notification guts
  • Allow scheduling always on display
  • Add option to enable AOD on charging only
  • Add Volume Rocker Wake switch
  • Add Volume Long Press Skip Tracks switch
  • Allow suppressing notifications sound/vibration if the screen is ON
  • Add notification counters switch
  • Allow customizing footer text
  • Allow disabling qs footer warnings
  • Add Haptic Feedback to tiles switch
  • Add options for animations to quick settings tiles
  • Allow changing vibration duration
  • Show the user’s Google avatar on the settings homepage
  • DerpLauncher: Add DT2S toggle
  • DerpLauncher: Add Google Feed
  • DerpLauncher: Add optional Hotseat searchbar
  • DerpLauncher: Allow changing app suggestion settings
  • DerpLauncher: Allow disabling workspace edit
  • DerpLauncher: Add toggle for desktop and drawer labels
  • DerpLauncher: Add an optional Google Lens scan button to recent
  • DerpLauncher: Add kill action to app shortcuts popup
  • DerpLauncher: Add uninstall button to system shortcuts
  • DerpLauncher: Ability to toggle themed icons for all apps
  • DerpLauncher: Implement LocalColorExtractor using Monet theme engine
  • DerpLauncher: Enable local colors for popup menu items
  • DerpLauncher: Fix header protection height calculation
  • DerpLauncher: Fix all app views not dismissing
  • DerpLauncher: Don’t vibrate while scrolling

Device Side:

  • Build libldacBT packages
  • Drop audio A2dp
  • Drop keylayout
  • Enable recovery updater lib
  • Move Xiaomi Doze to stock ambient display preference
  • overlay: Add support for screen off udfps
  • overlay: Checkout CarrierConfig from LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-05500-qssi.0
  • overlay: Drop dead hbm type overlay
  • overlay: Remove BT related configs
  • overlay: Update multiple vibration intensity levels config for T
  • parts: Avoid unsafe boot completed receiver
  • parts: Fix app mode layout height for Android 13
  • powerhint: Remove schedtune.prefer_high_cap boosting
  • prop: Add a system property for System UI compiler filter
  • prop: Add new vendors for Bluetooth config migration
  • prop: Disable LE audio related profiles
  • prop: Enable Audio Support for Hearing Aids central support
  • prop: Enable zygote critical window
  • prop: Import suspend properties from gs101
  • releasetools: Drop firmware inclusion
  • releasetools: Use unique version-baseband strings for different regions
  • Remove some packages at build time
  • rootdir: Drop wrappedkey
  • rootdir: Set readahead_size_kb=128 on fstab
  • sepolicy: Label qcom extcon sysfs
  • sepolicy: Remove debugfs related rules
  • Shim the GetPreviewImageData symbol on libpiex
  • Switch to AOSP BT stack
  • Switch to legacy sepolicy_vndr
  • udfps: Update handler methods
  • Update Adreno stack from LA.UM.9.14.r1-20200-LAHAINA.QSSI13.0.
  • Update common system blobs from T
  • Update wfdconfig from curtana
  • Uprev & add to fcm
  • Uprev audio hal to 7.1




  • Clean Flash Recommended.


  • All Testers and Developers.


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