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DerpFest with Android 12 For Redmi Note 8/8T (Ginkgo)

DerpFest Shinju – OFFICIAL | Android 12L.
For Redmi Note 8/8T (ginkgo/willow)
Build Date: 01/07/’22
By @Enprytna

Rom Changelog:

  • Merge June Security patch (android-12.1.0_r8)
  • Back to GSans on lockscreen
  • Remove Custom lockscreen clocks and bring Smartspace inline with PE
  • Remove Pixel Navbar animation toggle
  • Fix some edge cases with ElectronBeam screen-off animation
  • Fix partial screenshot action
  • Refactor how we display the VoLTE/VoWiFi icons and add more icons
  • Update caffeine tile icon from AOSPA
  • Disable Pixel spoof for recorder app
  • Fix AppLock resetting after app updates
  • Rework media artwork notification style & customizations
  • Settings: Update wallpaper dashboard summary to be inline with Pixels
  • DerpLauncher: Switch to Pixel themed icons from Arrow
  • DerpLauncher: default_workspace: Don’t add AOSP Clock widget by default
  • Update various APNs

Device Changelogs:

  • Upstreamed QS kernel to 4.14.282
  • Updated deprecated screen power items
  • Disable redir_party_num
  • Remove vendor RenderScript implementation
  • Address init denial
  • Finetuned statusbar padding




  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • GApps are included
  • Flash global firmware


  • For All Developers and Testers.
  • Thanks to @ghostrider_reborn for the resources


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