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DerpFest with Android 12 For Redmi Note 7/7s (Lavender)

DerpFest 12.1 Shinju
Android: 12.1 (S)
For: Note 7/7S (lavender)
Updated: 17/07/2021
By: HazamaTwoFive

Rom Changelog:

DerpFest 12 – Android 12.1:

  • Merged June Security Patch
  • Removed Custom LS Clock Support
  • Removed Vertical Pulse
  • Updated DuckDuckGo, Simple Gallery & GrapheneOS Camera
  • Added Mi Sound Scenes
  • Added some more Dirac Presets
  • Added Dirac QS Tile
  • Added Standalone system_ext image
  • Moved XiaomiParts to system_ext
  • Added Multiple Intensities Vibration Support

Device Changelogs:

  • SystemUI: screenshot: close QS after launching long screenshot activity
  • SystemUI: screenshot: disable magnification for partial screenshots
  • SystemUI: screenshot: add extra crop boundaries
  • SystemUI: screenshot: remove duplicate clamping on move action
  • SystemUI: screenshot: remove the misplaced call to set crop view padding
  • SystemUI: screenshot: open long screenshot activity for partial screenshots
  • core: Fix menu popup ripple
  • SystemUI: Avoid NPE in volume dialog
  • DerpLauncher: Return if launcher is null in notifyRecentsOfOrientation
  • TaskViewUtils: Add valid check for SurfaceControl
  • RecentsView: Add null check for RemoteAnimationTargets and RemoteAnimationTargets.nonApps
  • DerpLauncher: Remove pokemon unite themed icon




  • SELinux Enforcing / User Build
  • CTS passed by default
  • GApps Included
  • Dirty Flash works, but Clean Flash is always recommended


  • @Ratoriku, @JojiOnThatBeat, @moonitheanimelover, pchymgrn


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