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DerpFest with Android 11 For Redmi Note 10 (Mojito)

DerpFest OSS
Android: 11 (R)
For: Redmi Note 10 (mojito/sunny)
Updated: 12/09/2021
By: @mofieee

Rom Changelog:

  • Remove power button press fp unlock toggle (it sometimes fails to unlock)
  • PixelPropUtils: Update apps and remove force build fingerprint
  • Don’t spoof props in recovery mode
  • Add EROFS (Enhanced Read-Only File System) support for Android build system
  • Implement Clear All Icon Styles
  • Settings: Improve A12-styled Searchbar layout
  • Add Sensors Off QS Tile
  • GamingMode: Limit the button coordinate to the inside of screen only
  • LockscreenCharging: Show Celsius by default
  • Fix default value mismatch with derpquest in artwork media background
  • Clocks: Use correct thumbnail for Android S clock
  • MiuiCompactPanel: Set tap target size back to 46dip
  • Fix reading /proc/locks when lock is held by another process
  • Set device name to marketname if available
  • Enable USAP for all devices
  • OmniJaws: Update OpenWeatherMap API
  • Override host metadata to avoid leaking info
  • Fix wfd-legacy prop neverallow
  • Include makefile with art definitions
  • Allow unlocking fingerprint only on power button press
  • Fix FOD icon appearing when screen turns off
  • Fix flicker effect with FOD enabled while putting phone to sleep from lockscreen
  • GamingMode: Hide floating button after periods of time
  • GamingMode: Hide danmaku container immediately when config is changed
  • DerpQuest: Don’t show system-app on GamingMode app selector
  • Make A12 DP3 clock bigger
  • TwilightService: Save and use last fetched location
  • FPS Info: Make new formatting works with old kernel
  • Add delete action for partial screenshot notification
  • Small code improvements for one shot auto-brightness feature
  • reset_network: Give new life to reset buttons
  • Bring back sound tile for op devices
  • WallpaperPicker2: Merge lineage code review updates for race condition fix
  • Settings: notifications: Add title for Advanced settings
  • Settings: Bring back old dark mode preference design
  • Properly scale touch input window through resolution changes
  • Workaround update_engine failing on some devices for local installation
  • Some more optimizations from upstream
  • APN updates for various carriers
  • Add new armv8-2a-dotprod arch variant support from master
  • Improve Russian translation for typeclock
  • Improve German translations

Device Changelog:

  • Initial Build.




  • Clean Flash Recommended.


  • All Testers and Developers.


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