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DerpFest with Android 12 For OnePlus 8T/9R (lemonkebab)

DerpFest 12 | Shion
Android: 12 (S)
For: OnePlus 8t/9r (lemonkebab)
Updated: 11/03/2022
By: @APyrtle93

Source Side:

DerpFest 12 – Android 12:

  • Add Implement GMS killer
  • Add Google audio files from android12
  • Add keyboard sounds from osu!
  • Add UI tap sound from ACE AS0618
  • Add some UI sounds from Samsung S21 FE
  • Add Android 13 inspired Media Output Picker
  • Add Android 12L style Internet and Screenrecord dialogs
  • Add Show and edit Ambient Icons on Lockscreen
  • Add charging vibration settings
  • Some more stuffs

Device Side:

  • Fixed OOSCAM
  • Update WFD system stack from lemonadep
  • CarrierConfig: Update CarrierConfig from OOS12 OB1
  • Add local OpFeatures implementation
  • Use pocket sensor for Pocket Judge
  • Bunch of vibration updates
  • Fix display modes
  • Sync EGL symlinks with CAF
  • Add missing IMS symlinks
  • Sepolicy cleanups



  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • SELinux Enforcing
  • Safetynet passes by default, just need to flash magisk if you want root
  • Gapps Included
  • OOSCAM support



  • All Testers and Developers.


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