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DerpFest with Android 12 For OnePlus 8T/9R (lemonkebab)

DerpFest 12 | Shion
Android: 12 (S)
For: OnePlus 8t/9r (lemonkebab)
Updated: 24/01/2022
By: @APyrtle93

Source Side:

DerpFest 12 – Android 12:

  • New DerpFest bootanimation
  • Add back colored status bar icons switch
  • Implement cutout force fullscreen
  • Improve location privacy indicator toggle (don’t need sysui restart anymore)
  • Allow toggling camera/mic privacy indicator
  • Reduce padding use by privacy indicator resources
  • Fix location privacy indicator getting stuck
  • QuickStatusBarHeader: Fix clickability issue with privacy indicator
  • Fix glitchy battery view in quick status bar header
  • Improve Black theme and move to DerpSpace
  • ThemeOverlayApplier: Apply wifi and signal icon styles last
  • Add HarmonySans and Tinkerbell font
  • Add Glove Mode QS Tile
  • Add Powershare QS tile
  • Fix scrolling lag in fod icon picker
  • Add additional FOD resources from @RedSkulMods
  • Add back screen off fod toggle
  • Improve FOD haptic feedback toggle
  • Allow toggling floating rotation button
  • Volume key music control: include remote streams
  • Fix volume toggle in status bar tuner
  • Fix method for disabling unlock ripple animation
  • QS customizer: Better string for ‘reset’ menu item
  • IdleManager: Update timeout and process again
  • Fix navigation bar button hit testing
  • privapp-permissions: Grant missing TelephonyProvider perm
  • DarkMode Settings: Use List Preference rather ugly Drop Down
  • Add smart idle maintenance service
  • Rebranded Recovery and sideload UI
  • GameSpace: Add Screen for Per-app configuration
  • GameSpace: Add implementation for the GameMode ANGLE Intervention (disabled for vayu because of unstable graphics stack)
  • GameSpace: Add German and Chinese translations
  • DerpLauncher: Switch to LawnIcons
  • DerpLauncher: Add Google Lens scan button to the

Device Side:

  • switched to enforcing
  • cts passes by default now, just need to flash magisk if you want to root
  • tons of dimension updates specifically in the status bar & rounded corners
  • OOSCAM is there but working 90%. The back camera is the only thing not working when in photo mode. Temp fix is long press and clicks pro mode if you wanna use the back camera
  • fixed the Netflix 90hz stuck issue
  • fixed dt2w
  • Move AOD burn-in protection only in y-direction
  • jitter/scrolling improvements
  • switch kernel to meteoric, do not flash any other kernels for the time being as it breaks wifi until I figure out why
  • some other improvements/clean-ups



  • Clean Flash Recommended.
  • SELinux Enforcing
  • Safetynet passes by default, just need to flash magisk if you want to root
  • Gapps Included
  • Dirty flash is okay or if coming from stock/different rom clean flash is required



  • All Testers and Developers.

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