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DerpFest with Android 13 For Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

DerpFest 13 Tango
Android: 13 (T)
Updated: 07.11.22
Maintainer: FireFly09


Source Side:

DerpFest 13 – Android 13:

  • Introduce keyguard battery bar settings
  • Allow choosing a custom vibration pattern
  • Add support for clock auto-hiding
  • Add Wallpaper zooming switch
  • Add option to disable media player squiggle animation
  • Add DerpSpace QS tile
  • Add QS tile to show volume panel
  • LocationTile: Be affected by the secure tiles toggle
  • Enable Volume hush gesture settings
  • UdfpsResources: Add one piece udfps icons
  • Adjust default three-button navbar layouts
  • Update Pixel charger animation from Pixel 7 Pro
  • ThemePicker: Introduce font picker
  • WallpaperPicker: Fix overlapping when scrolling
  • DerpLauncher: Add support for enabling taskbar on phones
  • DerpLauncher: Open google weather on tapping smartspace
  • DerpLauncher: Do not limit the number of search results
  • Initial import of Face Unlock from StagOS
  • Pulse: Add Custom gravity options
  • Implement background process killer
  • Ambient Music Ticker – Allow to pulse on new tracks
  • Allow disabling clipboard overlay
  • Implement Bluetooth dialog
  • Make battery & clock clickable again in QS
  • Settings: Re-organize sound settings
  • DerpSpace: Use 0-100% values for Media art blur
  • DerpSpace: Move edge light to ambient ui category
  • DerpLauncher: Make google settings dependent on GSA/ASI and reload launcher when either of them are disabled/enabled
  • Aperture: Sync with Lineage

Device Changelog:

  • Initial Android 13 Build.


  • Dirty flash should be fine (Only over previous build) (If facing any issues after dirty flash , do clean flash)
  • You can use TWRP Recovery (By Joker)
  • Firmware is included




  • All Developers and Testers.
  • @dasshubham762
  • @selfmuser
  • @Joker_V2_0
  • @Rdx55


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