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CrDroid with Android 12 For Redmi Note 11 (Spes)

New crDroid update for Redmi Note 11

  • Codename: spes
  • crDroid version: 8.6
  • Build date: 20220627
  • Maintainer: Anar Jabiyev

Source Changelog:

crDroid v8.6:

  • Add haptic feedback for QS tiles toggle
  • Add haptic feedback for torch
  • Added transparent QS customization
  • Added ability to show daily data usage in QS footer
  • Added animation options to quick settings tiles
  • Improvements to Android runtime
  • Enabled blur effects example commit
  • SystemUI make popup menus more rounded
  • Various fixes for battery stats
  • Disabled blur wakeup animation
  • Fixed NPE for per-app volume
  • Fixed an issue with the screen never goinf off after sending and cancelling a notification in a short amount of time
  • Fixed possible developer options crash
  • Fixed loading icon pack-based Wellbeing icon
  • Fixed camera/mic toggle not working
  • Fixed location indicator stuck in some specific cases
  • Fixed lock screen timeout
  • Launcher: Adjust the icon size to the grid size
  • Launcher: Set hotseat icons to 4 for a 4_by_5 grid
  • Various fixes for fingerprint
  • Optimized Launcher3 and Settings for speed
  • Cleanup some Pixel-specific stuff
  • Optimized FreeType, harfbuzz_ng, and SQLite (this should increase performance)
  • Some other various fixes
  • Updated translations

Device changelog:

  • Synced latest crDroid 8.6 source
  • Updated blobs from SPESNEEAGlobal V13.0.11.0
  • Updated prebuilt kernel from SPESNEEAGlobal V13.0.11.0
  • Updated WiFi configs again
  • Switched to common Xiaomi fingerprint HAL
  • Switched to QP Gallery as default gallery app
  • Switched to 5 rows in the QS panel
  • Disabled IORAPD for better stability
  • FIxed video recording issue on some camera apps
  • Fixed low brightness issue after calling
  • Selinux: Address denials
  • Misc. Fixes and Improvements


  • Clean flash recommended




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