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CrDroid with Android 11 For Redmi Note 8/8T (Ginkgo)

New crDroid update for Redmi Note 8

  • Codename: ginkgo
  • crDroid version: 7.10
  • Build date: 20210913
  • MD5: FDA47FD2E137BE22E6C9C23E6BE83D0A
  • Maintainer: Mrinal Ghosh

Highlights & Device Specific Changes:

  • Build type: Monthly
  • Device: Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)
  • Device maintainer: Mrinal Ghosh(mg712702)


crDroid v7.10

  • Android September 2021 Security update
  • Various performance optimizations and fixes
  • Upstream CAF updates for misc projects
  • Added lottie animations for Settings

Device Changelog:

  • Initial crDroid 7.10 code base
  • Merged tag android-11.0.0_r43
  • Redesigned notification media player
  • Fixed SafetyNet (no need of any modules)
  • Selected custom font now applies system-wide and also in apps
  • Fixed few banking apps detecting root even after hiding magisk
  • Disabled UI touch sound by default
  • Fine-tuned schedule rate limits
  • Added back sound trigger hal
  • Added ADB on/off toggle to gaming mode
  • Updated translations
  • Much more fixes and improvements


  • Clean flash recommended



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