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CrDroid with Android 11 For Oneplus 6 (Enchilada)

New crDroid update for OnePlus 6

  • Codename: enchilada
  • crDroid version: 7.11
  • Build date: 20211111
  • MD5: F9F79DA95FCD52536921B921868659EE
  • Maintainer: Jordan Whiteley


crDroid v7.11

  • Initial crDroid 7.11 code base
  • Android October 2021 Security update
  • Misc fixes and updates
  • Added Google sound search tile
  • Updated translations
  • Misc fixes and overall improvements

Device changelog:

  • October ASB (Android Security Bulletin) merged.
  • Imported blobs from OOS firmware (myself, because LuK is busy. YOLO).
  • OOSCam v3 works now! :party: Pulled directly from OOS OTA payload APKs.
  • Imported upstream LineageOS “android_hardware_oneplus” updates, with unified DeviceExtras (“OnePlus Settings”) additions by AnierinB from Evolution-X.
  • Imported upstream CAF updates to hardware/qcom-caf/sdm845/display/ repo that Lineage hasn’t merged yet.
  • Added overlay to require swiping up now to enable Face Unlock on secure lock screen (as though we had pop-up camera hardware), to make it more cumbersome to use. Stop using faceunlock if you value your security.
  • Removed built-in GCam to free up room in system partition (and no longer conflicts with MJL ports).
  • Kernel compiler updated to clang v13.0.3
  • Fixed wifi not turning on in some edge situations; dropped LOS commits about HDD initialization, added qcacld-3.0 changes from mcd kernel instead.
  • Rip out KCal and changing panel modes in DeviceExtras (“OnePlus Settings”) and go back to LiveDisplay. sighs Fixes the HDR/color thing (composite mode problem in HWC it seems).
  • Merged OnePlusOSS kernel sauce update.
  • Updated overlay to fix Night Light’s torrid love affair with orange (that came from a set of much-improved colorspace mapping changes merged into crDroid upstream from kdrag0n’s ProtonAOSP work, which exposed a problem in LOS default overlay values).
  • Dropped some stuff from kernel that won’t be supported in cr8/A12 l(ike safetynet hacks that didn’t work, usb2.0 slightly faster charging that might ruin your motherboard or mess with onboard voltage regulator, kcal pieces, boeffla wl blocker driver, dynamic fsync, etc.).


  • Clean flash recommended



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